Danube Adventure – Vienna

By this time I was beginning to feel quite tired and my daughter and I opted to buy ourselves lunch during the day so as not to have to return to the ship. So I hope that my photographs are still worthy of inspection.

Actually it is hard to give a representative view of any large city and many of the buildings I would have liked to photographed were viewed fleetingly from the coach as we went on a tour of the city.

We had decided that after the guided tour we would have to choose maybe just one priority place to view, each.

While being taken on a tour of the city, as with other places, the buildings were far too large to encompass in one photograph, so I found myself picking out interesting decorations and embellishments.

Like this double headed eagle. Double headed eagle Most of the photgraphs I now took I realise are part of the Hofburg Palace , a very large and impressive building.

This appeared to be of Hercules holding up the world.Hercules carrying the world?These horses especially captured my attention as did the ornamentation.Horses on Hofburg palaceWe had more Hercules statues either side of this archway. Hercules statuesAnd I always love green copper roofs. Hofburg palace green copper roofI had to take a photograph of this statue but as with other places tourists seemed to get in the way. Hofburg statueHere is an attempt at a bit of a wider view of the front of the building. Hofburg from Michaeler platzNearby was an area sometimes called the In der Burg or Innenhof.InnenhofShame about the heras fencing.

I took a quick picture of St Michael’s church nearbySt Michael's churchand later the impressive cathedral, which was where we were left. CathedralThey have such lovely roofs in this area of the world.

Now we were on our own and my daughter’s choice was to visit the Snow Globe Factory museum. These are the people who invented snow globes and as my granddaughter was building up a collection this seemed a very appropriate place to go.

When we got there I took a photograph of their window all decked out ready for Halloween. Snow globe museum window Unfortunately they were closed. Thanks to the help of a kind local we discovered that the museum was only open Monday to Thursday. This was Friday.

A little disappointing but one of my daughter’s passions is riding on trams and our trip had afforded the chance to ride on a couple. I took a few photographs of the trams and this is the best one. TramWe had a lunch in a self-service restaurant which was an easy option given our lack of German and desire to spend as much time as possible looking around.

My choice had been to visit the Belvedere gardens and palaces, particulary the upper Belvedere in order to see the Klimt paintings and other art works, especially of course the famous painting: “The Kiss”. We weren’t allowed to photograph the paintings of course but I did buy a postcard and a fridge magnet.

It was a beautiful place and to give you a taste here is one of the many spinx. Belvedere sphinx A long view of the Lower Belvedere Upper Belvedere and the Upper Belvedere Lower Belvedere where the paintings were (entrance round the other side). It would have been easy to spend all day here.

We spent a little time after this back in the centre, having coffee and cake and doing some souvenir shopping.

On the way back for supper I expressed a desire to visit the Prater Park and to see, and at least to photograph, the big wheel that dates back to 1897. Wheel I would have liked to ride on it but by now it was getting late and starting to rain, so we headed back to the ship.

Next week we are back in Budapest to do a little sightseeing.

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