Danube Adventure – Salzburg

I have wanted to go to Salzburg for a long time, and not because of ‘The Sound of Music’ which it seems is the reason lots of people go.

Saltzburg is not on the Danube so the ship stopped at Linz Linz and we took a coach to Saltzburg.

I wasn’t especially happy with the photographs I took that day but I have put together what I can to give you a flavour.

The main thing that seemed worth photographing during the coach journey was this mountain formation that looks like a sleeping dragon. (Head to the right.)Sleeping dragon mountain Once in Salzburg the first place we saw were the Mirabell gardens.

I find them a bit spooky but they had these people dressed up and standing as still as statues around the gardens. Man in park I was happier with the real statues.

There were four representing the four elements:  Earth, Air, Fire and Water, using mythological themes, which particularly took my fancy.

This is ‘Earth’ and is Hades carrying off Persephone down to the underworld. Hades and Persephone I would have been happy to spend more time here.

I thought all the roses were lovely. Rose gardenOn our way to the older part of the town on the other side of the river, View across river we crossed this modern bridge which was covered in padlocks Bridge with padlocks One of the first things we did, once across on the other side, was to walk through a narrow street with beautiful old signs above the shops. Old street The thing that struck me most and made me smile was the fact that McDonalds were not allowed to have their normal brash sign ouside their restaurant but had to have this subdued version. McDonald's sign Of course we had to be shown Mozart’s birthplace. Yes that is a ‘Spar’ below!Mozart's birthplace We walked from square to square seeing all sorts of buildings and I got a bit bemused. So I have just chosen this photograph to share with you. Square with fountain There was an old cemetery which was well worth a visit. This photograph is probably the best one to give you an idea of what it was like. Cemetery After lunch, which was a bit disappointing as the sandwiches had added cucumber and tomato which made them a bit soggy, we crossed back to the other side of the river and I took a few photographs of this interesting set of fountains. Fountains By now I was feeling a bit tired, so of course we had to stop for coffee and cake. We found a charming cafe Cafe and I found it hard to choose which cake to have. In the end I had the raspberry topped one you can see on the left. Cakes It was delicious!

The next photographs I took were ones of the water as we travelled into a lock on the way back down the river, as I showed you a fortnight ago.

Next time Vienna.

4 thoughts on “Danube Adventure – Salzburg

  1. What a delightful saunter around Saltzberg. Love the shop signs and the quaint graveyard – so pretty. You photo of the sleeping dragon is fabulous, especially with the cloud formation which could be the dragon’s flamboyant wings. Lovely!


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