Danube Adventure – Locks & Wacau valley

I am someone who tends to believe in saving the best to last so I am going to talk about the locks along the river Danube first as the photographs I took here were all taken in a hurry and just to give a memory.

A lot of the time we went through the locks at night or during supper so that made it even harder to get any photographs.

I was surprised to discover that a river had locks but did not think at the time to ask why. Searching on Google it was hard to find a definitive answer but it does appear to be about the need to use the river for navigation.

The locks are not at all like on a British canal where you mostly have a couple of gates and one place in between for a boat.

Here the separate locks cover a large part of the river as in this photograph. Approaching locksOf course if the locks don’t cover the full width the rest of the width has to be blocked off.

The locks are very narrow and the walls can be very close. Here is a photograph I took from our cabin with the window open. Wall of lockI managed to get a photograph at one point as we rose up out of a lock. Rising above lockHere is one showing what being in a lock does to the water. Wavy waterThis was taken as we were entering one on our way back.

Those are the best of my few lock pictures so now on to the Wacau valley.

The Wacau valley starts before Durnstein but that is where we first encountered it. On one side it was wooded and on the other (the south facing side) there were terraces of grape vines.

I didn’t take many photographs of these but you can see them here as we negotiated a bend in the river.Wacau valleyGoing through the Wacau valley I was mostly happy just to lie back and take it all in but we were given a running commentry on what we could see including some stories so I did get up to take a few photographs.

This town along the bank. Wacau townYou can see the terraces in the background.

The ‘Nose’! The noseThis church. Wacau churchAnd this castle. Wacau castleWe then arrived in Melk after lunch and that is what I will tell you about next Thursday.

6 thoughts on “Danube Adventure – Locks & Wacau valley

  1. I am really enjoying your journey down the Danube and being pampered on a River Cruise. I have never done this cruise but did go through the locks in the Panama Canal and couldn’t stop looking at everything as we went up and down.


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