Time for a Giveaway!

I thought that it was time for a Giveaway. Just a short time for entries. I will choose the winners next Saturday.

Crochet angelsI have three angels to give away so there will be three winners.

To enter just leave your comment below and if you have a preference as to colour you can include that.

I have added a cord for them to be used either as a bookmark or a decoration. The cord would be easy to remove if you wished. Cutting it near the halo would allow it to be unravelled and the thread pulled out.

And I will also leave you with a gallery of three autumn photographs. Taken with my phone so they are not as good as they could be. I am beginning to think I ought to make a case and carry my camera more often, as I keep seeing things I would like to photograph when I am out!

20 thoughts on “Time for a Giveaway!

  1. I love your designs. The cross bookmarks are wonderful and I enjoy making them for others in my Bible study. The angels will be a lovely idea for Christmas. Thank you for the offer to win one!


  2. Thank you for this lovely opportunity! I love the white and the blue…I’d be delighted to win any! They are all so very pretty!
    And you are very talented and generous to offer these.
    Have a Blessed Day!


  3. As a P.S., to my previous comment, in case I’m not fortunate enough to win one of these, is this pattern available? This is such a cute little thing to make for small gifts – or even as a small ‘decoration’ to add to gift wrap! Really like these a lot!


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