Danube Adventure – Bratislava

The next day, Tuesday, we had sailed on to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

I noticed on the whole of my trip that in these big cities the buildings seemed very large, too large to easily photograph in total even with a fairly wide angle lens, so I found myself very often taking pictures of small pieces of decoration of which there was a lot.

The most striking thing about Bratislava was how much art work there was everywhere so this is what I have concentrated on showing you. (Not to overwhelm you with too many photographs.) Perhaps you can see the city in the background!

This statue of a fairy was one of the first things that caught my eye when we got off the ‘Noddy train’ that took us into Bratislava from the river.Fairy statueOur first visit was to the castle.The castleYou have to imagine another half of this to the right, a mirror image of what you can see.

From here I took a sneak peek down towards the river.View towards the riverAs we were high up I was also able to look across to the other side of the river towards the industrial Industrial areaand residential districts. Residential areaWe didn’t have time to visit it but there is a restaurant in that saucer shaped construction at the top of the bridge tower.

Then we went into the old city – very picturesque.

The tower you can see is at St Michael’s gate where we entered the old city. Near St Michael's gateThere were a lot of interesting and amusing statues around the place.

Here is a Napoleon with his back towards the French embassy.NapoleonWe were shown places where Napoleon’s cannon balls are still embeded in walls!

Also this statue made in memory of an old citizen who was once a familiar sight round the city, CitizenWe were told  a charming story about him.

And here is a man climbing out of a manhole. Man in holeI also took a quick picture in passing of this madonna and child up high on a building. Madonna and childand this dragon Dragonand lion Lionthat adorned an archway.

Before we went to be taken back to the ship Catherine and I wandered in a park where there was an exhibition of photographs: colour and black and white.

Here is one of the monochrome displays. Photo exhibitionFurther along we found a satue of Hans Christian Andersen. Hans Christian Andersenand of course I had to photograph this horse with a crochet headpiece. Horse with crochet headpieceNot a comprehensive view of the city but I hope you enjoyed it.

8 thoughts on “Danube Adventure – Bratislava

  1. Crochet headdress for horses! Who’d have thought it – Colour co-ordinated with the rider as well! I wonder how you get photos blown up to that size – very striking. I’m really enjoying these weekly chapters of your trip. Thank you.


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