Purchase for a new project!

I have just bought some more wool.

Well when you know what you want for a project and you find it is on sale at a reduced price; what do you do?

It came as a big squashy package. Squashy parcelInside 20 balls! Yes 20. Balls of yarnThis is the same yarn as one of those I was using for my waistcoatYarn for waiscoatand in the same colour too.

It is a lovely smooth soft wool. Ideal for what I want to make. I wasn’t sure about the colour but from buying this colour I knew that they look much more vibrant on the screen and I didn’t want anything too dull, so this seemed a good choice.

So what am I making?

Well years ago when I was a size 12, I bought this fleecy jumper. Fleecy topIt was a size 14/16 but I liked the style and I liked the colour, it was only £5 and this was the only size they had. It was lovely and roomy and comfortable to wear and it still is even though I am now size 14/16!

When it got a bit shabby it was relegated to being a housework jumper and more recently I have started wearing it as a bed jacket when I sit up in bed and read.

So the idea is to knit myself a bed jacket in a similar size and style. I have been looking for a suitable pattern for a while and then recently I found this one on  Ravelry – Amused by Jordana Paige

It has cables! so that could be a good challenge and it is top down, no seams! so that should be good too.

Having made the Miette cardigan and the waistcoat and found both of them fairly fitting. I am going to make this in ‘1X’ even though that is much more than my bust size and leave out the rib. I will probably replace the rib with stocking stitch with a garter stitch border.

I will finish my blanket first but since the cardigan I want to make is for the summer, I will probably start this next.


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