Danube Adventure – the ship

I thought that before I take you to all the places we visited that I would share a few photographs of the ‘Lord Byron’.

I didn’t make a planned set, just a few here and there. However the ones I have chosen come to a dozen and I could have added more but felt this was enough for now!

First a view of out cabin – always tricky to photograph.CabinThe beds were great! very comfortable.

This is the end of our corridor with restaurant down the steps and reception and lounge up the steps. Public areasA picture taken in the lounge. The loungeAlmost every time there was a briefing meeting there, Catherine and I would be among the last to arrive and end up sitting on stools at the bar!

Now up on deck.

They had bicycles! Bicycles There is a cycle path along the side of the Danube apparently. I don’t know how often these get used.

I had to photograph the ship’s bell. Ship's bellSo bright and shiny like the whole of the ship. I don’t understand if the ship could be kept so clean why the NHS can’t do the same. [When I was in hospital, years ago I was surprised to see how much fluff there was under the bed. And I don’t think things have improved!]

Now up on the sun deck. Sun deckThey had a huge chess set. Chess setI couldn’t resist taking a picture of this little guy! Chess pieceThere was also a putting green Putting greenand a splash pool. Splash poolWe had a dip in here on the hottest day. They even provided clean towels in a Really Useful box. Towelsin Really Useful boxAnd to end I couldn’t resist taking this picture. LeavesThey must have blown in when we were near the shore.

And for anyone who is interested here is a copy of the ship specifications that we were given. Ship's specificationsThe entrance if you remember:-

Lord Byron entrance

6 thoughts on “Danube Adventure – the ship

  1. Wonderful luxury! I went on a Nile cruise some years ago – best holiday ever!
    Your photos take me back.
    Love the leaf picture – just the sort of thing I would have had to photograph too.
    I’m enjoying your trip!


  2. How lovely! The ship looks smaller than the Royal Caribbean ships I’ve cruised on. I’m sure there are not quite as many people either! I’d love to do a European River Cruise. Just talking He-Man into it might be tricky.


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