Another Ripple Blanket

[This is what I might have shared last Monday but it means I have completed much more of the blanket.]

Now I’m back from holiday I’ve finally started my winter snuggle blanket, using my granny ripple pattern and sixteen different colours of yarn, as I showed you.

Here are the balls for the body of the blanket in my crochet bag.All the yarn for the body of the blanketAnd here are the sticks with the yarn on them laid out as chosen for the first sixteen rows – starting from the bottom up. Colours of first rowsI am going to use the colours sixteen rows at a time in a planned order (as opposed to totaly random!) but I am not going to follow as many lesser rules as I tried to do with my sea and sand ripple blanket.

Of course it wouldn’t be me would it? if I didn’t involve my computer in there somewhere and I wanted to see what the final blanket could be like!

[Well I didn’t use my computer for the sea and sand blanket but there the colour palette was more limited so I just tried to concentrate on emulating beaches I have known and not repeating myself!]

I was worried about not getting a balance between different colour toned areas over the whole blanket and also was so enjoying trying out different colour selections with the sticks.

So here you see a first try at choosing more than one colour set at once. Colour ideas for first three setsand a possible final blanket. [I didn’t try to add the ripples! and no it is not the same as above.]Whole blanket trial planI do reserve the right to change my plan as I go on! 🙂

And here is the blanket so far. Just the first colour mix of sixteen shades.Blanket so far


14 thoughts on “Another Ripple Blanket

  1. Your blanket is looking BEAUTIFUL, I always worry about using too many colours ..seems I should just be going for it , please do keep us updated on your progress 🙂


  2. What beautiful colors and photos! Your blog is really pretty too. You are so talented.

    Thank you for commenting on my entry in Monochrome Madness. I meant to label it baby alpacas. This farm had a showroom where they sold the yarn. You would like it! (It’s near Hood River Oregon.)


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