Danube Adventure – Budapest at night

Another photography post! Well I did say I would continue the tale of my Danube cruise on Thursdays.

The same evening we arrived on board the ship, we sailed out of Budapest.

Up on deck we watched the beautiful sight of Budapest at night. Deciding on the right camera settings was tricky and I tried a few alternatives.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Freedom Statue up on the hill. We were told more than once that she was carrying an olive branch, though if it was it must have been quite a cluster of olive branches. On my return, a little investigation showed it to be a palm leaf. Freedom statueI took another photograph of the Elizabeth bridge before we sailed under it. Elizabeth bridgeIn the distance you can see the parliament building. More of that later.

I caught sight of another ship passing. Viking river cruise shipI think you can see from the logo that it is a Viking River Cruise ship – (there’s no mystery to river cruising!)

I took a photograph of my daugher. My daughterHard to get it the right light balance between her and the background at the time but amazing what you can do with photo editing software!

This was a long exposure with the camera balanced on the rail of the ship. Long exposureYou can see the light of the cars and the street lamps as the boat moved but the water looks surprisingly okay.

Just before we went under the bridge I could see the St Gellert Citadel Liberation Monument lit up on the hill.Just before going under the bridgeBut the real treat as we sailed along was the parliament building. Parliment building sideThe specks in the sky are not stars but birds wheeling around in the sky. Apparently they are disturbed by the light but it is turned off at midnight so they can get some rest!

As we passed you can see how long/wide it is. Parliment building frontAnd then a last lingering look. Parliment building other sideNow on into the night to wake next morning in Esztergom.



15 thoughts on “Danube Adventure – Budapest at night

    1. Most of the photos were taken by upping the ISO to 800 and resting the camera on the rail or even 1600 or 3200 so the speed was 1/20 +. The camera is quite good at high ISOs and when you reduce them to a suitable size for the blog that helps. Glad you like them.


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