Danube Adventure – Leaving and Arriving

If some of you are wondering why I have been a bit quieter lately it is because I have been away on a cruise along the Danube. We did have slightly unreliable internet access but of course reading blogs and commenting wasn’t as high priority as normal.

With so many places to visit and things to see, I am going to share my holiday in a series of posts that will be mostly on Thursdays. It’s my day for extras!

Having to take photographs in a hurry as things pass by the ship or walking on a guided tour, I feel my photographs are not up to my normal standard but I hope you enjoy sharing the experience a little.

Today just the beginning.

Heathrow from the planeI had a window seat and so I took a few photographs from the plane. Here you can see Heathrow airport as we taxied along the runway. The weather was pleasant and I didn’t need my cardigan.

The thought of being up in the air with the need to come down again always scares me a little but I still like to look out. So here is part of London as we rose into the air.View of London from the planeThe cloud soon became a white mist without features so I didn’t take any more photographs till we were over central europe.Over EuropeThe vague lines on the window are ice crystals. The thought that it is so cold out there makes me shiver!

But it wasn’t a long flight and soon we landed at the airport in Budapest.Budapest airportDoesn’t one airport look very much like another?

There was the normal wait for our cases to arrive.Baggage collectionThen on the coach.View from coachWhat a lot of parked cars!

A quick photograph of Budapest before we got on the boat. You can see the Elizabeth bridge in  the background.Initial view of BudapestIt was getting quite dark by now.

Then another quick photograph of the entrance to the boat.Boarding shipNext time a glimpse of Budapest at night.

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