“Make do and Mend”

This has maybe fallen out of fashion, even with myself to a certain extent, but recently I had a situation which I resolved with a little of the above.

When we got married we only had napkins that matched table cloths given as wedding presents and, as money seemed tight for a long time after that, it wasn’t, I think, until I went out to work that I turned my mind to having proper linen napkins as I had had as a child.

I found some in John Lewis and I really liked the textured pattern, Textureso I bought four. That was one for me and each of my three children.

When my children left home I used all four in rotation for myself and so they have lasted longer than they might otherwise have done but a few months ago they were in a really poor way with ragged edges and even holes in the middle after years of being folded neatly when washed!Torn napkin

I went to John Lewis to buy some more only to find that they no longer stocked them. Now they were available on-line, I discovered, but I only like buying something like that if I can feel them first and the ones I had found weren’t cheap!

Finally, when I had my machine out for making my cowl neck top and the trousers, I realised that I could patch up the present napkins to extend their life and that is what I did.

I seamed them down the middle to remove the hole .Seam

For a couple I cut the seam so it would lie flatCut seam

but I decided that that only left more edges to fray so on the others I left the fold uncut and tried to edge finish the torn part.Edge finishing

The junction between the selvedge and the rest of the napkin had worn Selvedge tornbecause the selvedge was so much thicker, Selvedgeso I turned the selvedge under and sewed along it.Selvedge sewn

On one, the selvedge had come off completely so I made a little hem and sewed that.Hem being sewnNow I had napkins that were so much more usable.Finished napkin

And yes! for any very observant people among you, most of these photographs are taken in black and white. I had experimented with taking photographs with my camera on the black and white setting and because I was photographing white napkins against a neutral background in a poor light I hadn’t even noticed. As some of the photographs couldn’t be retaken I just left things as they were.

6 thoughts on ““Make do and Mend”

  1. At the moment on my daughter in laws request I am turning bed sheets into cot sheets ready for baby anytime now she says she begrudges paying shop prises for new ones she has even gone back to reusable nappies this time


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