Celtic Cross crochet pattern

The pattern for all four of my Celtic crosses is now on sale on Ravelry – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/celtic-cross-bookmark

My original cross.Crochet celtic crossWhen I used #10 crochet cotton and a 1.25mm hook (Blue cross) it came out about 4 inches high and three inches wide. (10 x 7.5 cm) However using a smaller hook will give a firmer though slightly smaller bookmark. (Red cross)You could also try multi-coloured thread. For this I used a 1.25mm for the starting chain and a 1mm hook for the rest. I also increased the picot stitches from two to three.

12 thoughts on “Celtic Cross crochet pattern

  1. Love the pattern and I made a variegated cross in thread. The fine wool kept splitting!😣 The pattern for the circle needs to be (V2) x 8 though, (rather than 11) and people may need reminding to use the instruction for first V again. I will definitely be doing more Celtic patterns to satisfy the Irish in me! Lol


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