Celtic Cross crochet pattern

I am in process of improving this pattern. So if you have visited before you may find changes.Crochet celtic crossThis is the pattern I have devised to make the above. I find it easiest to work from an abbreviated pattern so that is what I give below with an explanation of the abbreviations. I hope it is easy to understand.

I used #10 crochet cotton and a 1.25mm hook. It came out about 4 inches high and three inches wide. (10 x 7.5 cm) However using a smaller hook will give a firmer though slightly smaller bookmark.

Celtic Cross Bookmark

Start with at least 160 chain. Ideally make a few more to allow for missing the odd one or miss-counting. Excess chains can be undone at the end.

(158ch before first tr)

I find it easiest to work with an abbreviated pattern, so here are the abbreviations.


Corner = (2tr, dtr, trtr) into first ch, 3ch ss into 3rd ch from hook, (trtr, dtr, 2tr) into next ch.

V = 2tr into ch.

N  eg 12 = 1tr into each of next 12 ch.

First V = 3ch then tr into 3rd ch from hook.


Corner = (2dc, tr, dtr) into first ch, 2ch ss into 2nd ch from hook, (dtr, tr, 2dc) into next ch.

V = 2dc into ch.

N  eg 12 = 1dc into each of next 12 ch.

First V = 3ch then dc into 3rd ch from hook.


(V V 4 V V 3 Corner V 1 V 1 V Corner 3 V V 4 V V 4) x 3


V V 12 V V 3 Corner V 1 V 1 V Corner 3 V V 12 V V 4

Tie trefoil knots first then interweave centre and sew ends together. Join should be underneath circle when cross is complete.

Here are a few diagrams to help you see how the different parts go but the crochet fits more tightly.Fitting cross diagrams

Then make circle.

Ch 24,

(V11) x 8.

Interweave round centre of cross and position so join is underneath.

Adding circle diagram

For a bookmark you could add a cord at the top or bottom as I describe at the bottom of these patterns – https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/cross-bookmark-pattern/

To use as a bookmark this definitely needs to be stiffened though I think some spray starch is enough.

I am still experimenting so I have yet to complete the cross as a bookmark.

But here is another idea: a two colour bookmark.Red and white crossAnd if one arm looks slightly odd, I have to admit that I missed out a corner when making it and didn’t realise soon enough (well I was watching a very interesting programme on the beginning of the universe) so I had to fudge the end to be able to show this to you.


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Rainbow Junkie

I am a retired mother of three and grandmother of five. I mostly knit and crochet while I watch television. I also love cooking and have dabbled in various other crafty things. I am crazy about: Rainbows, Butterflies, Flowers, Bees, Honey, Hexagons, Snowflakes, Symmetry, Mathematics and Dragons

12 thoughts on “Celtic Cross crochet pattern”

  1. Love the pattern and I made a variegated cross in thread. The fine wool kept splitting!😣 The pattern for the circle needs to be (V2) x 8 though, (rather than 11) and people may need reminding to use the instruction for first V again. I will definitely be doing more Celtic patterns to satisfy the Irish in me! Lol


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