Monochrome Madness (Year 2: 15-26)

I actually forgot to send a photograph for week 14!

These will be in week order as they don’t really fall into categories. No captions as they seem to drive everything crazy.

During this time I was trying to think of creating something that was different to before and worthy of a comment and I did manage to get a comment quite a few times.

A flint from the wall of the ruins at Old Sarum. It looked like a horses face I thought – a bit of fun!Rainbow Junkie - (2-15) flintNext week another picture from the ones I took when I went to Old Sarum but this time I aged it by creating a sepia tone.Rainbow Junkie - (2-16) cottageI even removed the road markings!CottageThe next week was a theme week – “K”. Well what do you do for “K”? So I thought “Knitting”! Well that would be easy for me but instead of just photographing some current knitting, I remembered this photograph I had taken of an art installation whose subject was knitting. I had been very pleased with the original.the blue jumperso I converted it to grayscale.Rainbow Junkie - (2-17) thebluejumperAfter this I wasn’t quite sure what to do. But continuing the nostalgia idea from the week before the theme, I simply arranged a tinted picture of my mother as carnival queen and some postcards of her old school and photographed that.Rainbow Junkie - (2-18) memoriesThe next week I thought I ought to go back to regular monochrome photographs and chose this one, another that I had taken when I was in Lourdes up on the hill in the mist. It had been amazing how everything was drenched in dewdrops.Rainbow Junkie - (2-19) after the rainI softened the edges as I thought it concentrated more attention on the flowers.

What to do next?

Well the following week I could use this one I had taken in Oxford recently. Again I softened the edges as I thought it gave it a more dreamy idyllic look.Rainbow Junkie - (2-20) the bargeFor the next week I could use another recent photograph taken of my granddaughter at Corfe Castle.Rainbow Junkie - (2-21) ConcentrationThen another theme week. This time “Bridges” I had taken a photograph of a bridge in Oxford that I quite liked and would have taken some of the many bridges in Southampton, if I had been able to find the time and energy, but in the end I felt that nothing I had could match this bridge across the river Mawddach for interest. (Taken from the train during my holiday at Tywyn.)Rainbow Junkie - (2-22) Barmouth bridgeI had been saving this up in case we ever had a theme of phone photographs as I rarely use my phone to take photographs. This was something I just had to capture one morning on my way to ‘Crafty Coffee’. It would have been better if I could have caught it when the sun was brighter, but although I went back hopefully the next couple of weeks I never got a better one.Rainbow Junkie - (2-23) ShadowThe idea to take this one was partly inspired by a ‘steel wool’ photograph that someone had sent in for that week’s Monochrome Madness. Though mine was much easier as all it meant was taking a few photgraphs of the fibre optic lamp in my sitting room and choosing the best one.Rainbow Junkie - (2-24) LightEver since I worked at the Optoelectronic Research Centre at the university I had wanted a fibre optic lamp and I found this one in a charity shop. (Of course the ORC worked on glass fibres and this used plastic ones.)

I had taken a few photographs in the garden the week before when not sure what to use and decided that this was quite interesting for the following week.Rainbow Junkie - (2-25) small quinceWeek 26 was another themed week and this time the theme was ‘urban’. Urban isn’t really something I do much of and the weather had turned very wet but I found this photograph from the day I went to Oxford that I hadn’t used before.Rainbow Junkie - (2-26) cityIt is a view from Southampton railway station looking up the hill to the city centre. I liked the way the bridge over the railway framed the road and the traffic.

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