Something I couldn’t show you before!

Both cosiesA while ago for my daughter’s birthday I made a couple of cafetière cosies. Why two? Well they have two cafetières.

I had promised a cosy years ago but my daughter had never told me the measurements so on a recent visit I surreptitiously measured them and brought the measurements home on a scrap of paper.

She had liked my rainbow tea-cosyTea cosyand I had tried out the Jacob’s ladder pattern on a small cosy for myself,My new cosy on cafeteireso I decided to use those patterns.

In fact the latter had been a sort of trial run for hers as I knew, with the green walls in her kitchen, that was the sort of colour palette she favoured.

Here is a closer look. (Photographs taken just before I packed them up – it was obviously a dull day!)

FrontRainbow cosy frontBackRainbow cosy backFrontJacob's ladder cosy frontBackJacob's ladder cosy backAs you can see I decided they needed pretty buttons.

She really likes them but I think that I may have to take my crochet hook when I go there in a few weeks and make an adjustment to at least one of them.

This is because, since I took the measurements, one of the cafetières got broken and has been replaced (looked about the same size and design though when I was there recently) and I realised that with the other one the handle is actually joined at the bottom not the top! I seemed to have missed that fact when I made the cosy.

Since acrylic yarn stretches with time I have already reinforced the top with some shir elastic so it keeps up.


12 thoughts on “Something I couldn’t show you before!

  1. So so pretty!! Of course you know I favor the rainbowy colors too😃 I keep buying teapots with the intention of cozies, and I’ve now firmly decided to move it ahead on my to do list. Have a beautiful day!


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