A Crafty Week – Saturday

I can see that Louisa certainly has the making of a crafter in her.

  1. She was working on at least two projects simultaneously during the week: her cord bookmark and her crochet headband. (More if you count the practice crochet and colouring).
  2. She already has plans for what she wants to make in the future.

She loves my hexagon blanketHexagon blanket and had plans for making a hexagon project of her own one day. Something small, so it doesn’t take too long.

We looked at patterns for hexagons that only used dcs (US- scs) and she like one she saw where the stitches were worked into the back of the stitch.

So I made a small sample which she said was the right size.HexagonI printed out some pages with hexagons on them and let her choose some colours using my craft sticks.Craft sticks with yarnShe chose these.Colour choiceThen she sat down and made a chart of how the colours should go.ChartsI made thisColours added to chartto give you the idea.

You can see she’s my granddaughter!

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