A Crafty Week – Friday

This post is the most important of the set because it is about the most gratifying part of the week.Headband

Louisa had changed her mind about making a coaster and anyway the thought of having to count twenty stitches each row just to check she had the right number did not appeal.

She had realised the importance of keeping the right number of stitches, however, and had even undone her dolly blanketCrochet doll's blanketbecause it had got narrower and narrower.

So I thought hard and suggested that she might like to make a headband using the same stripe pattern as the coaster. The headband need only have five stitches so it would be easy to check each row.

She chose her three favorite colours from the yarn left over from my sea and sand blanket.Left over yarnI was pleased that I didn’t even have to start her off. She made a chain and happily crocheted into it all by herself. All I helped her with was attaching the different colours.

During the week she picked it up from time to time and did a few rows. On Friday she came to the ‘Crafty Coffee’ craft goup with me and this really helped her to have finished it by the afternoon.

Just an aside for a moment!

For her last birthday I made my daughter some crochet bunting Buntingfrom a star pattern I found on-line. (see my post here).Stars

The stars only had three rows so I made most of them while travelling on the bus. However one time I managed to miss out the second row. I didn’t throw it away and it turned up this week. Lousia thought it would make a great ‘flower’ for her headband since the points tended to curl up. So I sewed it on for her where she said.

Friday evening I sewed elastic onto the ends of the headband. (Later I added a piece of tape to stop it stretching.)

And here it is.Headband other angleand a close up of the stitching.Stitches close upEven her mother was impressed!

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