Monochrome Madness (Year 2: 1-13)

As we approach half-way during the year, I was thinking that when we got there I would share my submissions for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness for any of you that might be interested. However I realised that twenty six photographs all at once might be a bit much so I am sharing for the moment just the first three months of entries. (The year is not the calendar year just the second year since the topic started.)

I am grouping them by topic though the titles give the number of the week they were entered. (These are reduced in size from the originals to save space and fit the blog.)

I started the year with this photograph taken from the boat, when I went on a cruise down the Nile.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-1) Sunset on the Nile
Rainbow Junkie – (2-1) Sunset on the Nile

I love flowers and so there were flower entries.

This is a photograph I took of some “Tetra Rose” clematis I had in my garden before it grew too big.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-2) Clematis
Rainbow Junkie – (2-2) Clematis

I thought that I had shared the colour version with you but I realise now that when I did the posts on ‘My Rainbow Garden’ I never completed it with the pink and white flower photographs that are not, of course, part of the rainbow.

And this is one of the chrysanthemums that was in the ‘Mother’s Day’ flowers this year from my daughter.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-5) flower
Rainbow Junkie – (2-5) flower

I liked the way the yellow chrysanthemum picked up the light.

And though it is not exactly a flower, I was very pleased to finally get what I thought of as a satisfactory photograph of a dandelion head because it was growing in front of an old fashioned lamp post painted black.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-12) dandelion
Rainbow Junkie – (2-12) dandelion

I also like photographing birds, especially swans, so there were two swan photographs.

This one from the river Itchen at a point I always think of as almost a beach

Rainbow Junkie - (2-3) Swan
Rainbow Junkie – (2-3) Swan

and this from the Cemetery Lake on the Common.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-13) reflections
Rainbow Junkie – (2-13) reflections

Included as much for the look of the water as the swan.

But I also submitted this picture of seagulls taken at Tywyn some years ago.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-6) seagulls
Rainbow Junkie – (2-6) seagulls

I love capturing water as a glassy moment.

There were some more architectural shots.

The first two from the time I went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes in France.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-11) cross
Rainbow Junkie – (2-11) cross

(This was taken at the top of a hill on a very misty day.)


Rainbow Junkie - (2-7) Dome
Rainbow Junkie – (2-7) Dome

and, closer to home, this one of a window in the Civic Centre in Southampton.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-8) Window
Rainbow Junkie – (2-8) Window

One week I ran out of inspiration and put together a few crochet related items and ‘aged’ it

Rainbow Junkie - (2-10) crochet (sepia)
Rainbow Junkie – (2-10) crochet (sepia)

Finally, we also had two weeks which were themed. I have shared these with you before but add them for completeness.

The first theme we had was ‘MM’ and I produced this fairly predictable response. There were another few similar ones.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-4) MM
Rainbow Junkie – (2-4) MM

And ‘Fences’taken in one of the city centre parks.

Rainbow Junkie - (2-9) Fence
Rainbow Junkie – (2-9) Fence

I don’t normally add captions to my photographs but I found by doing so if I wanted to edit the text around the photographs it sometimes caused strange things to happen and the caption would move from being a caption to being separate text and also the text above a photograph would suddnely be found to be below it.

Has anyone else had this experience?

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