A Crafty Week – Thursday

On Thursday, as I said in my last post, we had a bit of a lie in and then we went down to West Quay and had lunch in Nando’s. (We used to patronise BHS’ restaurant but it is just not the same these days!)

After lunch I offered Louisa a choice between shops and play-park and she chose ‘play-park’.“Yay!” I am much more of a play-park person myself.

At first I sat in the angled shelter that protected you from the sun (It was a very sunny day.)Looking out at playparkand looked out at all the children playing. (I had forgotten to take my camera so I used my phone which takes quite reasonable photographs to use at this size.)

Later I got up and saw Louisa: riding on the ‘horse and cart’.Riding a horse and cartBalancing the see-sawBalancing seesawand digging up ‘fossils’.Fossils in the sandagain she had managed to make some friends.

I haven’t been to the city centre play-park for a while but I thought it had become a wonderfully imaginative place with underfoot a disturbingly soft yielding surface in some areas!

When we got home she did some of her colouring.Colouring

Now the craft section

This is in the way of a taster for the post about the next day.

Now when I saw Louisa a few weeks ago she had said that when she came she wanted to make a square coaster for mummy and daddy. Now her parents probably have enough coasters since I had previously made them theseSix coastersand these for ChristmasChristmas coastersbut of course that wasn’t the point, so I settled down and created this, that I think of as my ‘beginner coaster pattern’Beginner coastersI made it first in acrylic and then in cotton.

As you will see in the next post, she made something else but the pattern used is related.

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