Having seen a recent post by Wild Daffodil on drawn mandals, I thought that I would share ones I have made over the years. I used to have them on a blog I had years ago with a selection of my poems.

The first mandal I ever drew was when I was part of an evening course on Jung. One evening for homework we were given a sheet of paper with a dark printed circle about three inches in diameter and asked to draw a mandala that represented ourselves.

I drew thisJung course mandalaYou may recognise it as I use it for my gravatar. It represents me but also the world. The blue is water and sky for instance.

The next mandala I drew, some months later on a totally different course, also represented myself and is similar. This was drawn on a very large sheet of paper and so I had to photograph it. The others I could scan which is better.MyselfNow I am not going to show you all the mandalas I have drawn, only the ones I like best. These have been drawn while on retreat without any previous thought but with some reflection afterwards and I have given some names when they represented simple ideas.

I went on a course once called “The Healing Nature of Colour” and that has helped me reflect on them.

The first two were drawn about the same time in an exercise book with plain pages as well as lined and are done with oil pastels as I thought they would be keep better than the normal pastels.

A gallery of two.

These two were drawn as part of a set of six, also with oil pastels – another gallery.

Another year I drew these and I have created a gallery for the first six of them as I like them all. They were drawn with a set of colouring pencils that I had bought, though I also used some oil pastel for the sixth.

and the seventh because otherwise it messes up the gallery.Seventh mandalaAs drawing is not something I am good at, I have always taken a compass, protractor and ruler with me when creating these!

To complete this post I decided that I would spend some time drawing a new mandala and so I got my coloured pencilsColoured pencilsAnd since I seem to have mislaid my geometry set drew a circle round a plate and took my pad and a rulerPaper and rulerand produced this:-New mandalaSome of the colours on the above mandalas have come out a little differently but I think you can get the idea.

16 thoughts on “Mandalas

  1. Oh! I love these so much – there is something so calming and meditative about them, with beautiful touches of vibrancy. And It is great to have a glimpse of the hexagonal crochet pattern too.


  2. Lovely drawings. I am enjoying some of the colouring books that are all over the place at the moment. I haven’t the skill to draw anything myself but love the colouring as it’s so relaxing. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I was looking for crochet mandalas….when I did search, I didn’t see any except the one at top of this page, which is a hand-drawn and colored one.
    I saw one in one month’s montage, but can’t find it here…
    your work is LOVELY! you are so very talented. Thank you for sharing!


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