A Crafty Week – Wednesday

Having planned to go to Corfe Castle or Swanage plus a ride on a steam train, the weather forecast for Wednesday was a bit mixed with the threat of rain, so we decided to go to Corfe Castle and ride on the steam train with the possibility of going home early if it got too wet.

In the event it was a beautiful day, though we could see that the platform at Brockenhurst was wet on our way home, so some places must have had rain.

This meant that we did spend a little time on the beach in Swanage too.

The grass seemed very dry on the way up to the castle though it had been greener round the back.Corfe CastleI liked this are that looked like a place soldiers may have kept a lookout.Guard room?I had to stop and photograph this wall with it’s angled design.Textured wallThe living areas must have been quite splendid when it was a stately home.Living areaWe had our picnic lunch then wandered around and admired the view. This is towards the townView towards villageWe also saw the steam train running down below.We saw a trainI had taken a few pictures of the damage inflicted by the Parliamentarians in 1646. This one seemed to be the most dramatic.DamageFortified by lunch and with the weather keeping fair we made our way back down to catch the train. On the way Louisa tried to play hide and seek and I photographed a flower.FlowerThen as we had plenty of time, Louis stopped for a bit of crafting. (More about this at the end).CraftingWe caught the train from Corfe Castle station as you might have guessed.Corfe Castle station Here is the train coming in.Our train comes inIt is always tricky taking photographs from inside a train and there was nothing of especial interest to see but I didDo you remember this? take this photograph of the inside as it quite took me back to my childhood. Do you remember when the inside of carriages looked like this?

Swange station and time for a bit of fun on the beach.Swanage stationThere was time to make friends and have a paddle.Having fun in the seaAnd make a quick sandcastle.SandcastleWhile I sat on some stonesI sat on some pebblesand took photographs to leftView to the leftand right.View to the right

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Now the craft part of the post

Louisa had continued with her crochet on the train to Wareham but she had also taken thisCord bookmarkShe planned to use it as a bookmark when it was finished.

Almost two years before I had introduced her to ways of making cords with a piece of card as in this post – https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/alone-again/ and https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/round-friendship-bracelets/

Now she had bought herself one of these polystyrene ready-made templates and a sheet with instructions, as you can see in the top left of this picture.Craft booksWe both thought it was a great day out and promised ourselves a bit of a lie in the next day!

[Three more posts to come – Thursday, Friday & Saturday.]

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