A Crafty Week – Tuesday

On Tuesday the weather started off a bit cloudy but by mid-morning it brightened up so we packed a picnic and went to the paddling pool on Southampton Common.

Louisa had a paddleHaving fun paddlingand then she saw that for a small cost you could have a few minutes moving around on the water in a large inflatable see-through ball. So of course grandma paid for her and she had some fun.In the ballYou can see the tether. A guy walked around keeping the ball in the centre of the pool.In the ballThere was also time for swimmingSwimmingand making friends.Making friendsToday the craft part is what I was doing while Lousia was having fun.

In June 2013 I showed you, how while I was on holiday in Criccieth, I had devised an angel bookmark that I could use on Christmas cards.Crochet angel June 2013Somehow since then I have never got around to working out how I had made the angel, and making more in time for Christmas, but recently I have got down to working up a proper pattern.Three angels for bookmarksFor the final pattern I have amended the design slightly (as you can see by comparing the outer two with the middle original.) I think that this will be the final version. I am planning to make them in different colours but so far have been working in white. As bookmarks I will add a cord and tassel as with my cross bookmarks.

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