A Crafty Week – Day 1

If I have seemed to be less present on blogs this last week it is because I have had my granddaughter to stay for just over a week.

She came equiped with all sorts of craft materials.Craft materialsI would have loved for us to make something with that material but I wasn’t sure what and we had plenty of other things to do. (She had rescued them from the bin at school! she told me.)

Plus some craft booksCraft booksand colouring books.Colouring book

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I had planned a few outings but Monday was a miserable day so we settled down to some crafting.

Last summer I saw what I thought was a neat idea for using up scraps of yarn. (I think I probably saw it here:- http://marrose-ccc.com/tutorials-2/yarn-ends-bowl/ ) and since then I have been saving up my cut off ends and really short scraps of yarn.

The detail on the web used a home-made paste but I decided to use diluted PVA glue like I had for my crochet baubles.GlueI had bought this at Hobbtcraft and I mixed it half and half with some water.

I covered table and chairs for protection and spread my yarn scraps out on a tray on the kitchen/dining table.Tray of yarn endsThis is just the ones that were left so you can see that there is plenty to make more bowls.

I covered a pyrex pudding bowl and a small glass dish with cling film and we dunked the ends in the glue mixture and spread over the surface.

I used a random placement more like the one I had seenClose-up of my bowlbut Louisa had her own ideas.Close-up of Louisa's bowlHere they are together after drying in the airing cupboard for a few days.Two bowlsHer’s had some gaps in it that I though made it vulnerable to breaking apartGaps in yarnso she let me wrap some yarn round the outside to protect it.Yarn wound roundThis was left to dry for another day or two.

Now the trickiest part was getting them off the bowls.

I think this was because the cling film clung so well to the bowl. Next time I think I will smear some vaseline or similar over the part of the bowl to be covered, under the cling film, so it is only holding in place inside the bowl.

I eased them very gently with a thin knife and my fingers. Here is Louisa’s bowlInside Louisa's bowland another view from the side.Side view of Louisa's bowlThe inside of my bowlInside my bowland sitting on my window sill.My bowl on window sillOf course life wasn’t just about crafting and later we went for a walk and then came home and Louisa picked up where she had left off last summer with Syberia II.Playing Syberia IIWe also started some crochet but what that turned into I will show you later.

12 thoughts on “A Crafty Week – Day 1

  1. Oh, I remember those days when my Granddaughter would visit. She is 27 now and has a life of her own now. Maybe a Great Grandchild some day? Love the bowl and am looking forward to your next adventure.

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