Making a case for a tablet

My son gave me a tablet for my birthday.TabletNo not that sort! This sort:-0372-lenovotabletI decided it needed a case and started by looking at the sort you could buy but couldn’t find anything I liked, so in the end I decided to make a slip case like I had for my phone and iPod.

When I had got out my sewing machine, I had found this: –SleevesThe two sleeves left from my earlier case making, and they were just the right size to slip the tablet into. (You can see some tacking from my earlier making.)

I cut out two suitably sized sections of sleeve.Material cutI also found this in my dressmaking drawerInterliningand decided it would be useful to make a padded front to the case to protect the screen. I hadn’t bothered with my phone but I felt that the tablet screen was more vulnerable.

Here is the inner case completed.Inner caseI just tacked the interlining on quickly so it didn’t move. I decided to make the outer case from the little balls of yarn left over from my ‘sea and sand’ blanket.Sea and sand blanketI had wanted to try the ‘Catherine Wheel’ stitch, that I had found in a book, for a while now and thought it would be suitable for this project. I don’t know if you can see it in this photo but the Catherine wheel stitch creates little mounds.Texture of Catherine wheel stitchIn the book, the stitch had been shown worked back and forth for a flat piece, and I could have done it that way, but I decided to work a round and round version where every row was right-side.

Here is the completed case.Finished caseBecause of the way the colours went I decided to reverse the case and in fact that means the Catherine Wheel stitch was worked from the top down.I finished with a solid section of dcs (US-scs) to give a firm basis for a button. I hadn’t used a closure on previous cases but I have sometimes regretted not being able to secure my phone in it’s case when I put it sideways in a bag as it tends to slip out, so I decided I would add one here when I was unlikely to want to get it out in a hurry.

Here is the case with the tablet inside.Tablet in caseThe case is quite a tight fit because I had to decide between seven or eight Catherine wheels for a round and chose seven as I didn’t want the case to be loose, especially knowing that acrylic yarn seems to stretch with time. In fact before I finished the case I washed it and stretched it a bit which was quite good as it made it bigger and softer. Of course with a touch screen, a case that is quite fitting and with an inner made from well-washed cotton helps clean the screen as you put it in and out.

My father always said that the safest thing to wipe smudges off glass was a piece of well-washed cotton, such as an old hanky.


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