A day in Oxford

Well it wasn’t maybe a full day as mid afternoon I went on to Aylesbury had a frozen yogurt with daughter went back to her’s and later saw her in a production of “The Taming of the Shrew” in Thame.

I only have pictures of the Oxford part of the day.

The reception for o2 on Southampton railway station was very poor so instead of reading blogs I took a few photographs! Southampton stationMy plan was to go first to the Ashmoleon museum. (They have lockers so I was able to leave my rucksack in one which was great.)

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the photographs turned out given the low light and so many items being behind glass that foxes the automatic focus.

I am not sure if I have been there before and they have so much. I was rather spoilt for choice so I decided to start looking at the Egyptian section as it is one of my interests but on the way I passed this Squid pot from KnossosSquid potand had to take a photograph, as I bought a small one when we went to Crete and Knossos many years ago.My squid potNot an original of course!

They had mummiesMummyand this rather splendid statue of the crocodile god.Crocdile godThen moving on I just had to stop and take a picture of this red lion.Red lionI also looked at the Anglo Saxon section. I didn’t take many pictures here but had to try with the Alfred Jewel. Unlike most exhibits it was highly lit, so much so that it was very difficult to see the detail, let alone take a decent photograph. I was struck by the way the base is a little animal head so I managed at least to get this.Alfred jewelYou can see the word AELFRED from the inscription.

I also photographed this rather lovely painting of St Lucy.St LucyI named my younger daughter Lucy and most of the paintings of St Lucy show her holding her eyes (which were pulled out when she was martyred) so are a bit grisly. I liked this one.

I then went to the Weston Library (part of the Bodleian, just across the road) to see their “Dalí, Tenniel and Printing Alice” display.Title on caseWikipedia seems to think that low resolution pictures don’t breach copyright so here are some of the photographs I took.

[I decided that I could compensate for the fact that the camera would think I wanted to focus on the glass and it worked very well.]

I was very struck by this advert for Pear’s Soap.Pears advertIt reminded me how they did the same thing with the painting: “Bubbles” by John Everett Millais.

I also was fascinated by the book illustrated by Salvador Dali.Salvador Dali bookHere is the picture he painted to illustrate the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.A mad tea partyIt reminded me of his famous painting: “The Persistence of Memory”.The Persistence of MemoryAnd here is the only one I managed to take at a good angle and avoiding the reflection of the celing lights.The mock turtle's storyOn my way back to the station to catch the bus I passed by the canal and stopped to take some more photographs.

I loved the way the willows hung down towards the waterWillow treesand the barge moored along the side.BargeAnd seeing this bridge I stopped to take a few photograph when I remembered that this is the next theme for Monochrome Madness. (Now Southampton has a few bridges. I wonder if I can find time to photograph those!)BridgeJust to say that Oxford and especially the Ashmoleon museum is well worth a visit.


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