A lot of un-knitting!

Do you remember the knitted waistcoat I was making?

I showed it to you in March when I had finished the main body as part of my WIPs of the time. Just the edgings to do.Previous attemptWell the other two projects got finished but as I said in March I really wasn’t sure that I liked the shape of the neckline.  I had tried to combine a cardigan pattern for the stitch and a waistcoat pattern for the shape but on me it left much too large an area over my chest uncovered that suggested it might not be as cosy as I wanted.

It sat on the back of a chair for ages as I looked at it and decided what to do. Eventually I decided that it was no good I would never wear it as it was. It had to be undone down to the start of the neckline and redone. One of the two yarns was rather hairy and tended to cling to the other and I feared that the normal ripping would result in a tangled mess so I started unknitting.

Eventually I got back to here, towards the end of MayUnknitting finishednot much further than I had been back in NovemberWork up to Novemeberwhen I thought I would finish it for last winter!

However I am now back where I started! Yay!Body finished nowand again have only the edgings to do. My favourite bit! Not!


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