and a Pair of Trousers.

Had yesterday been a better day I might have had another outing but it was a bit overcast and potentially changeable so I sewed my new trousers.New trousers It made me realise that a bright sunny day is so much better for dressmaking for old eyes, such as when it comes to threading the needle on the sewing machine. My electric one has a light maybe I need to see what is wrong with it!

Another McCall’s pattern.Trouser patternI won’t bore you with details except to say that I was pleasantly surprised both at how much I still remember about dressmaking and how if anything my seams are straighter and I am more confident.

Just one thing though! The instructions on the pattern weren’t very clear and I didn’t like the order they did things in.

They did front & back/crotch seam, inner leg seams, pockets and side seams in that order.

I decided to do pockets/side seams first (as that way I had a minimum of fabric to deal with when putting in the pockets as I didn’t remember doing pockets before. Then I did the front/crotch & back/crotch seams and then the inner leg seams all in one (because that was how it had been done on the trousers I mostly wear).

Yay! pockets.PocketsThe trousers seem to have come out alright do you think that was okay?

The trousers are probably what you would call on the waist rather than above the waist which I prefer so I may lengthen the pattern next time. Also they weren’t as long as I had thought when I held the pieces against me so I hope the cotton doesn’t shrink too much when washed, as I was afraid if I washed it before I cut out, I either might end up with not enough material or that it would be all nasty and crumpled. The hardest part of making the trousers was ironing them. (I didn’t iron the cowl top). Towards the end I seemed to be putting in more creases than I was taking out. Never been good at ironing!

The trousers aren’t quite the extravagently patterned things I had in mind when I planned to make them but it does mean they go with the topTop and trousersand I can always make another more jazzy pair to go with my plain T-shirts

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