June Montage

In June I showed you my rainbow mittens (the camera didn’t seem to like all those colours!) and shared the pattern. I also showed you how the doll looked when I had finished the hat and trousers. (She’s been sold now!)

I showed you the yarn I have bought for my winter snuggle blanket and some egonomic crochet hooks which will help with my bookmarks.June montageI had one outing – only one! I had planned more but life intervened. The outing was to Salisbury and particularly Old Sarum. I offered to be a pattern tester which resulted in a small blue bear and got as far as working up a couple of ideas for a fish bookmark which need refining.

I shared a few thoughts on the different ways of crochetting into a chain and which was my current favourite and finally finished my almost matching socks!


11 thoughts on “June Montage

  1. Hi, Where van I find the pattern for the Fish and the Fish Bookmark? I looked, but could not fine the patterns.

    Thank you for your help.



      1. Thanks for responding to me. It is a little weird to me that you have 2 crocheted fish bookmarks on your site.

        Happy Crocheting


        1. If you read the original post you will see that I was asking for opinions on whether my ideas for fish bookmarks were any good or if I should keep refining my ideas and people seemed to think that I had not got the pattern right yet.


          1. I apologize. I must have missed that. I liked both projects of the fish. Can’t wait for a pattern.

            Thank you



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