Matching socks finished!

Matching socksWell they almost match! If you look closely you can see that the fairisle imitation part has knitted up slightly differently in each sock.

These socks along with at least one other project have taken rather longer to reach completion than I envisaged originally. As far as the socks are concerned this is because at one point it hurt so much to knit them that I had to give up. Not sure why later it didn’t hurt any more but glad to discover that I don’t have to give up knitting socks! 😀

It is always hard to photograph one’s own feet but here are a couple of pictures of me wearing the socks.

This was the easier one to take!Socks from above
and holding the camera out in front.
Socks from frontHere are the ones I made earlier.Original socksThese were meant to match too which is why both pairs are shorter than I normally make socks. (I can now calculate that 100g of this particular yarn should contain eight repeats of the colour sequence.)

The reason the original socks don’t match can be shown in this photograph.Comparison of both pairsCan you see the arrows? I made the original sock (labelled – first sock) and when I got to a colour repeat I cast off.

You can see that the second sock starts with perhaps a little more of the dark blue (as I didn’t know exactly how far into the blue I was at the start of the ball – I knit toe up socks with short row toes so I start under the toe).

Then the bad bit! There was a join not long after the end of the blue. I have now worked out that there was quite a length of yarn missing from the colourway sequence as shown roughly by the piece between the two arrows. So of course that mucked things up!

Luckily there were no more joins so I was able to make a matching pair with the rest of the yarn.

This means that I have now managed to make four socks out of one 100g ball! At £6.39 a ball which is £3.20 a pair that isn’t too bad!

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

For the geeks among you, you might like to know that I didn’t cast off the first of the matching socks before I finished the second one. I calculated that there should be enough to make the second sock by weighing the sock and comparing it to the weight of the remaining yarn but just to be safe I left them joined by a length of yarn so I could undo a bit if the second sock didn’t get to be as long.

However there was enough for the second sock with just a tiny bit of yarn left over!

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

It is worth noting that these socks are made with Rico Design Superba Bamboo which has only 50% wool and then 25% viscose, which I have been told is where the bamboo comes in. This makes them lighter and cooler than the other wool socks I have made so they are quite good for summer along with the cotton ones I made.

Now the heels!

With the second pair I experimented with a new way of doing the heels as I showed you here. New style heel(Original post including link to pattern here:-

I am not likely to use this method in future because I don’t like the way it looks, at least when I use it, (The second heel was not much better,) though it does have one advantage which is that if you make a mess of the second part of the heel (as I did on the second sock) you only have to go back to half way instead of redoing the whole heel. (I normally make a short row heel.)

13 thoughts on “Matching socks finished!

  1. Now whilst I can really appreciate the look of these socks and your explanations and the work gone into them – I am puzzled. Why do so many knitters love to knit socks? It doesn’t appeal to me at all. That makes me the weird one I know – but I just don’t get it!


    1. Several reasons. The best one is because hand knitted socks are so warm and comfortable. They also make a handy project to carry round with you. With fancy yarns they are so easy to make: just round and round knit stitch – very soothing. With fancy stitches there is a great satisfaction in seeing the finished result: so pretty or clever!

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  2. They are gorgeous and the idea appeals to me so much as I have said before but I have done so little knitting but I have downloaded a beginner sock knitting book for when I pluck up the courage! In the meantime I think I shall give crochet socks another try 🙂 So many of you knit such gorgeous socks I would love to own a pair so I WILL get there (one day)! xx


    1. For years I wouldn’t even think of knitting socks as I thought they would be too dificult but then I found short row heels which circumvented my dislike of picking up stitches and short circulars which avoided the double ended needles. There are so many ways of knitting socks you just need to find a way that would suit you! I suppose I ought to try crochet socks for a change and a new challenge but that is something I have never investigated.

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