I’ve been spending money again!

Yarn for blanket and edgeI have finally got around to buying the yarn for my blanket: all the colours I told you about plus silver and lavender to make a subdued border.

I won’t be starting making the blanket just yet though as I have a few other projects I would like to finish first.

However I had only just ordered this when I realised that with the arthritis in my hands gripping my 1.25mm hook to crochet with #10 crochet cotton, while playing around with fish bookmarks, was hurting my thumb because I had to press hard to grip the hook.

I had heard of ergonomic crochet hooks so I started to explore them on-line and in the meantime I tried an experiment by fitting my hook inside an old mascara tube.Improvised ergonomic hookI found that this was easier to hold as the major part of holding the hook could then be done with my ring and little finger and I need only use a slight pressure on my thumb to guide the hook. Of course this wasn’t a long term solution as the part of the hook sticking out was too long and the thumb grip was in a bad position.

My reading of different people’s opinions on-line and squinting at the photographs led to believe that the best bet for an ergonomic hook would be the Clover Soft Touch hook. I found that one of the suppliers I use from time to time had them but of course the postage was almost as much as the cost of the hook.

Of course this means one has to think about what else one might buy to make the postage less of a burden!

I decided to buy two hooks the 1.25mm and the other steel hook I use most often: the 1.00mm, but I also had a look at what else they had and discovered that they had sock wool in a Sale for about half price!

Sock wool is one of those things where the most interesting colour mixes are to be found on-line rather than in the shops near me but where the cost of postage is offputting, so of course I had to look and found two sorts where the colours particularly appealed and I just had to buy enough to make one pair in each!Sock yarnYes I know I have enough socks now but it’s not as if sock yarn goes off!

While I was at it I also bought some safety eyesSafety eyesbecause I should have used them for the little bear I showed you but couldn’t buy any locally. So now I will have some as I am sure to make more small animals in future.

These are the hooks I bought.Ergonomic hooksThe ends are a good shape for me and I find them easy to crochet with. My biggest fear in buying these was that the handles would be great but the hook part would just not suit. They have little protective caps for the hooks too, just like my mother’s steel hook used to have.

The thumb grip in in the right place and comfortable to hold. The only slight issue I had with them was that the part that you hold in your hand if you are a ‘knife hold’ person like me was a bit thin and flat and not as comfortable to grip as my mascara holder.

Short term I have solved this with an old inner tube from some shir elastic that fortuitously I had lying around since I elasticated the trousers for the doll.Hook with tubeFor long term I have bought these pencil grips.Pencil gripsThey look like they will solve the hold problem.Hooks with gripsThe remainder may help with writing too because I have found that these days after a sentence or two my wrists feel uncomfortable!

18 thoughts on “I’ve been spending money again!

  1. I love your blanket yarn colours and the sock yarn is gorgeous. The hooks look really comfy to use and the pencil grips… brilliant idea. At the moment I manage with standard hooks but I do sometimes struggled with tight projects or small hooks.


    1. Oh I hope not! I don’t know if crafting a lot makes it more likely. I think with me it is partly genetic my mother’s hands were all misshappen when she was ninety.
      P.S. trust you to chose such appropriate(?) terminology 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 90 is an honourable age. My mother is 78 and has a bit of arthy in her hands but not much. My hands ache from time to time, in different places. Lately it’s been my left forefinger and my right thumb. I just live with it 🙂
        The last time I saw my podiatrist he told me I have three arthritic toes. I told him I’ve never heard anything so stupid in my life, and refuse to entertain such negativity.


  2. Oooh…all that lovely yarn caught my eye immediately!! What a great idea using the pencil grips. I haven’t tried crocheting with steel hooks yet…the #10 yarn and all is so hard for me to see!!


  3. Great idea, I will bee looking into it. Arthritis in both hands. I crocheted within 2 weeks of shoulder replacement. Go girl!


    1. I might write something in the future when I’ve used them for a while but it is more a case of if something hurts I don’t do it unless I have to. With the new hooks I can crochet longer before it hurts but it’s hard to tell what their contribution to the general progression of things may be. Tendonitis should get better eventually shouldn’t it? It’s what I thought I might have had before I saw the doctor.


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