Designing a fish bookmark

Some time ago when I showed you my new edgings for my cross bookmark nanacathy seconded by Jill at Nice piece of Work suggested that I might try to make a fish bookmark. I have been thinking about this ever since then and have been working on the idea on and off.

My first thought was to use filet crochet and I started by making a little sketch.0362-sketchoffishLater I took some of my cream #10 crochet cotton, of which I have plenty, and tried turning it into a piece of filet crochet.

I only used 2 stitches for each hole and block as I thought that otherwise it might be too wide.0362-unclearThe problem with this was that I didn’t think the fish showed up very well so a little while later I tried again.

This time I used three stitches for the holes and blocks as is more normal. I also decided to reverse the design so that holes became blocks and vice versa.0362-toowideI thought that the design was clearer this time and I experimented with how I might include extra sections to make an interesting bookmark. However this is over two inches wide which seemed that it might be too much for a bookmark.

Now I wondered if I should try a different tack and remembered my try at making a cross bookmark with bruges lace ribbons.0362-brugeslacecrossI had given this up because of the width but I thought I could try a symbolic fish shape.0362-brugesAs shown this is a bit of a cheat because I made the central motif and sewed it in place with sewing cotton before working in the insets. In practice though it could be made in two parts and I used it to work up a tentative pattern.

I wasn’t sure if I liked it. I think if I did it again I would make the central motif a little daintier.

What do you think. Would this make a satisfactory bookmark?

I then went back to my filet crochet idea and decided to combine the second version with only using the two stitches which gave this.0362-okayI tried a contrast coloured edging though I haven’t stiffened it as I am still not sure.0362-bookmarkwithedgingI don’t think that I would enjoy making either of these as much as my cross bookmark but wondered whether anyone thought they would actually be worth making.

Any comments and suggestions gratefully received. Doesn’t matter if they amount to ‘give up the idea!’

18 thoughts on “Designing a fish bookmark

  1. It is fun to see all your design decisions made along the way. I do like the lacey one 5 pictures down, but not sure if it would work as a bookmark, lovely on its own though. I think the last one really works, maybe with a blue edging to follow the watery fishy theme and maybe some picots each end?


    1. Thank you for the feedback. yes I felt like you do about the lace one as a bookmark. I would have done a blue edging but the blue #10 cotton is very pale. If I go ahead with making a few I should maybe think of buying a darker blue! I am not very good at picots but it would be a good idea or a different edge all round.


  2. It’s a tricky one. I really love your last one but we all know it’s a fish. If you didn’t know what it was and it was displayed vertically, would you see a fish?
    I don’t really have any good ideas but maybe you might try something that is more fish shaped rather than the rectangle.


  3. I love the subtly of the filet fish. I think they would sell well.. Why not take them to a church with a gift shop for their thoughts. O have a lace bookmark which is backed with red card and in a cellophane wrapper. I love that bookmark. Lovely crochet


    1. The idea was that as I give my cross bookmarks to be sold at the back of church to boost church funds I could maybe do the same with a fish bookmark. I would need to decide how to package it though as I can use CD slip covers for the cross ones.


  4. You’re playing nicely with your hook and thread, aren’t you, Mrs? I like the last one very much, agree that a paler border would be nice, but also – maybe the fish would stand out more without the patterns on either side? ie. the only holes will be fish holes. 🙂


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