Life is looking up!

Ever since the doctor told me that the pain in my wrists was osteoarthritis I have been feeling a bit down but today I saw a physiotherapist and she has told me that when I do something and it hurts it just means that the joint is getting a little inflamed and if I then rest a bit the inflamation will calm down. I was fearing that the pain meant my bones were being worn away!


No need to give up knitting and crochet! Though since they do sometimes hurt I may need to do less and rest more.

I am not very good at doing nothing but on my way back from the physio I popped into an Oxfam bookshop and found a book on my camera for £2.99.Camera bookSo maybe I should do more reading that shouldn’t use my hands so much.

I also have a book on my graphics package that I bought from the library.Corel 7 bookI’m only a third of the way through so I can read that as well.

I am knitting some clothes for a doll at present. A friend who helps in a charity shop has been given a load of dolls, that had been given to the shop, so she can make clothes for them before they are put on sale. I said I would help.

The one I have had hair that looked awful but I washed and combed it and am making some trousers and then maybe a hat. She already had a yellow top and overtop that are fine. I will show you when she is finished.Doll and knittingI also have some crochet to show you when I have finished sewing in all these ends.Ends to sew inWhat do you think I have made? Not much of a clue I know!

26 thoughts on “Life is looking up!

  1. I think this is a scarf and you are planning on making tassel ends.
    As to the dolls, they will look very cute when you are done with them, Im sure.
    I am 45 and have pain at the base of my left thumb, which is probably osteoarthritis, aggravated by crocheting. Resting and using a pain spray have helped a lot.


    1. My thumbs used to hurt occasionally with crochet so I would switch to knitting. It’s just sort of got worse and more extensive with lots of activities recently. Rest is definitely good as far as I can tell. I hope yours just stays minor.

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        1. I’m sorry you feel depressed. It must be hard to have this problem when you are only 45.Wild Daffodil said she had a similar problem that didn’t last forever, even the physio today said it didn’t have to get worse. I’ve got thumb exercises to do to make the muscles stronger as they have become weak.

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          1. Mine are pushing front back and both sides against resistance to build up the muscle. But you have to use the thumb muscle not your arm! which I was tending to do.
            Maybe you should see if you can get some help for your thumbs.

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  2. I had a few years of pain and swellings and nodules growing on my fingers, thumbs and wrists and I feared that this was the beginning of a general decline towards being unable to lift grandchildren (very painful, weak wrists) and less crafting. However I’m delighted to say it has all calmed down now (I’m 62) and although there a few lumps a bumps left on joints (unnoticeable to all but me) there is now no pain or inflammation. So do not despair this could soon pass – in the meantime enjoy all that reading and playing with the graphics package – sounds fun!


  3. That blondie needs a hat. We all have bad hair days, and can totally relate.
    I think you have made some sort of table runner or table mat.
    Getting older sucks big time. I hope your hands feel better soon. Perhaps you could also look into getting some omega 3 stuff inside you, or whatever is recommended these days? It’s worth a try. I swallow various fishy-smelling pods, they are supposed to help!!!


  4. I’m pleased that you got a second opinion and from someone who talked sense rather than the rather insensitive GP and that this means that you carry on with the hobbies that you love.

    I’m actually always impressed by Oxfam bookshops – the one I visit in Thame is far better stocked that the town’s “proper” bookshop.

    james x


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