Choosing colours for a new blanket

I love making blankets though I need to have a purpose in making them.

I have been using the CAL blanket for snuggling on the sofa over the winter but it is really too big so I have decided that I need a blanket about 4ft x 6ft and if I start making it over the summer it may not be ready for next winter but making it may help keep me warm! Something random stripey I thought using my granny ripple as that will have nice thermal holes in it.

Well, as you know, for me planning is half the fun with a knitting or crochet project and I have found a new help to planning when I use the popular Stylecraft Special DK acrylic, that I like because it comes in so many colours.

Recently I found a post on the “Attic 24” blog – HERE – where she describes how she has wound pieces of Stylecraft Special DK yarn round wooden pegs to help with choosing colours for projects and deciding which order to use colours for blankets.

I thought this was a great idea but I didn’t have any wooden pegs so I bought a pack of ‘Craft sticks’ and wound yarn round these. Craft sticks[If you like to use Stylecraft Special DK yarn for your projects and like this idea but don’t want to go to the trouble of all that winding you can buy a set like Lucy made here for £5.99. – bottom of page on the left.]

I settled down with my craft sticks and thought about what I wanted. I had sixty-three colours to choose from.63 coloursI decided that I would make something a little more subdued than my ‘spectrum’ set of coloursSpectrum coloursand decided to leave out these colours definitely.Not allowed coloursThe top three because they were too bright and the bottom two because they were too dark.

I also am not especially fond of pink though I like to wear pink T-shirts as I think they suit me.

So I came up with this as a start. (I think sixteen colours will be about right for the basic blanket though I may need more for the edge.)Original coloursBut I decided it lacked ‘zing’ so I removed these coloursRejectsand substituted these instead.Substitutesgiving this –New coloursI tried a comparison using the computer.Colour comparisonthe new colours are on the left.

What do you think? Will this make a pleasing blanket? Or would you make some more changes?

37 thoughts on “Choosing colours for a new blanket

  1. I share your excitement! I love the choice with more zing! And yes, it will make a superb (lap?) blanket. Looking forward to seeing this project in progress. Starting out is always the BEST bit for me!


  2. Lovely colours! I definitely prefer the extra zing. I have just ordered some pegs as last time I ordered stlyecraft special when the colours arrived they were not at all what I expected! Also I spend ages in the shop trying to decide what to buy 🙂


  3. I love the left very much, if red is in then it’s good lol, I need to start planning a little more, but then I cannot decide which one is the prettiest if I have too many choices…..sigh 🙂


  4. Such a great idea to use the pop sticks for your samples. Easier to store and less likely to get caught on each other. I’m off to search through the kids craft box now!


    1. Neither glue nor tape, quite a clever way really but I think I’ve used it before. You hold the end in the middle of the underside underneath where you intend to wind the yarn. Then you wind the yarn round firmly, one turn at a time over the end and keep going until you get to the place you want to stop. You make sure you have enough yarn over to go half way on the underside and tuck in under the strands a little way, then cut the yarn and tuck the end under the strands of yarn on the underside. If your yarn is wound firmly it won’t come out.


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