Maybe it isn’t a Jacaranda!

On Saturday morning I meet a friend and we walk past Parkstone Place Park on the way to visiting a nearby cafe. Last Saturday before I made my post we had discussed the tree I showed you and what it’s name might be.Unknown treeJill of ‘Nice piece of work’ had suggested that the flowers looked like the Jacaranda so it just might be that and when I checked on the internet they seemed exactly the same to me, so I assumed that must be what it was.

Now at this point I hadn’t seen much in the way of leaves on the tree in the park or pictures of Jacaranda trees but when I eventually found some I wasn’t sure because the leaves of the Jacaranda tree looked like mimosa and I didn’t remember seeing anything like that.

Today I met my friend again and we had another look.

I hadn’t got my camera with me so I used my phone.LeavesAs you can see the leaves are not at all like the feathery leaves of mimosa but more like regular leaves.

My friend, who is obviously more observant, also pointed out that there were old seed pods on the tree.SeedsThey were not like the flat pods of the Jacaranda either. You can see the leaves more clearly here.

I did pick up a couple of dried half pods to bring home to photograph.PodsNow this same friend had been looking in her garden books and she said that she had found a tree with similar flowers called Paulownia and also the foxglove tree (I said originally that I thought the flowers looked like foxgloves!) but she thought the leaves were much bigger in her book so maybe it wasn’t. So now I am not sure what it can be.



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