Rockstone Place Park

On Sunday I decided to pop out and take a few photographs. I was partly thinking of something that I could use for Monochrome Madness (you will need to look next week to see what I took) but I also thought I might share some photographs of a nearby mini park, only a few minutes walk from where I live.

The weather is cold for May and the afternoon was not very sunny. Though the sun did come out at one point while I was there.SunshineThere is a plaque on the wall.Park name plaque(When I first came to Southampton this area was being used as a car park.)

There is another plaque too.Lubor Velecky plaqueI remember meeting an oldish man called Lubor many years ago, I wonder if that was him. I think his surname was Velecky!

Here is a view of the park as I entered it.View from startOn the right I saw what I took to be a sort of mock orange.Mock orange seenThis is a close up of the flowers.Mock orange flowersThere were also a lot of white rugosa roses.White rugosa roseI tried to photograph what I thought was a helleboreHelleborebut decided it wasn’t very interesting so I tried to put the camera where I could photograph the inside of one of the larger flowers, only to find when I came home that I had photographed a lot of greenfly! Look away now if you don’t like the sight of greenfly.GreenflyI recognised this as euphorbiaEuphorbiathe flowers are so strange.Euphorbia flowersBut I really don’t know what this isBlue flowersThe flowers remind me a little bit of forget-me-nots. Do you know its name?Blue flower close-upAnother thing I don’t recognise is this tree.Unknown treeHere are a couple of fallen blossoms.Fallen tree flowersDo you know what tree it is?

I liked the fancy paving.PavingLooking closer, in places I could see lichen and liverwortLichen & liverwortand moss.MossAt the far end was a mesh of trees.Mesh of treesHere is the view from this end looking back. End view looking backSouthampton Council are a bit stuck for cash these days like everyone else and I don’t know if they give any time to upkeep the park.

Here you can see the only brightly coloured flowers I found – some wall flowers – but you can also see the invasive brambles.Wallflowers & brambleand here among the roses some sycamore tree seedlings.Roses & sycamoreThey were all over the place and are hard to get rid of once they are established.

I hope you enjoyed our wander round the park. You can see how little it is but nonetheless a welcome patch of green among the surrounding buildings.


20 thoughts on “Rockstone Place Park

    1. I did include the greenfly for its humorous potential! 🙂 Looking on Google I think you are probably correct about the jacaranda. I remember the name from stories but never knew what it looked like: a beautiful name for a beautiful tree!


  1. I don’t think we appreciate our town parks enough. A welcome haven in an urban setting. I wonder if they use volunteers to maintain them? Thanks for sharing all the flowers on your walk

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    1. Not sure about the upkeep of this particular park but I have always loved the fact that Southampton is such a green city with lots of parks and other havens of trees and grass. I think if it was otherwise I would find city life very depressing.


    1. I looked on the internet to find more out about the tree. It said established trees could take up to -7 deg C but young ones should be grown in a pot and brought in in the winter. You live south of me so I thought you should be able to grow one. It is very beautiful.

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  2. Hello, love yor works and our photos. I think the tree es a jacarandá, too. I’m not an expert either but I have one in my house although we’re in Autumn in muy country now. I’m from Argentina, I live in Paraná.

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