I have found a problem!

I have always told people who wanted a copy of one of my patterns to cut and paste into a word processor which is what I have done in the past for patterns I may want to make some time in the future because just saving the link can mean that when you come to make it the pattern is not there any more.


I have now found that WordPress no longer allows the picture part of a post to be copied together with the text.

This is good I suppose with regard to copyright and makes it harder (though not impossible) for people to copy photographs willy nilly to put on Pinterest. I have been disappointed lately to find that Pinterest boards often don’t even give a link to where the picture came from which is annoying both because of a lack of acknowledgement and because if you find the picture in a Google search you cannot find where it came from.

Because the photographs can no longer be copied easily with the text I have downloaded ‘Open Office’ ‘Writer’ so I can create pdf files.

I have kept copies of many of my patterns in ‘Word’ by the cut and paste method before this was an issue and will be able to use them to easily make pdf files.

However I do not have copies of the tutorials and some of the patterns though I have kept copies of all the photographs I uploaded to each post.

It is not possible to make a copy of a post with photographs even in the editor.

So making the pdfs will take a while to complete and I am not sure if I will make any of the tutorials into pdf files because of the time necessary.

No photos in this post! Just for information.

If anyone thinks I am mistaken or knows an easy way to copy posts please let me know.

10 thoughts on “I have found a problem!

      1. Yes but it won’t copy into Word any more that way; you get a blank. I don’t acually know what has changed but it used to be different and it creates a problem for people who want to copy the whole thing easily.


        1. I think everyone is using different versions of word these days which doesn’t help.
          I know what you mean but I think that’s why people use Pinterest – to store the link to the original. Although I appreciate that sometimes the link becomes void in the future. Personally I would prefer it if people pinned my images from my blog on Pinterest so that others who are interested are getting channelled straight back to it’s original source.


  1. Like you I cut and paste, but I prefer not to have pictures as then the pattern goes on too long. I print out the pattern then as I like to follow it on paper. PDFs are best! Hope that helps and good luck.


      1. yes, i think WP is changing things up, some changes are not very good in my opinion….and Pinterest used to link to the page of the picture but I guess it doesn’t do that any more, this is getting too complicated 🙂


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