A new Cafetière Cosy

A long time ago I made a cosy for my 2 cup cafetière.Cafetiere cosiesThat’s the smaller one in the picture.

Well the cosy on the larger one has already been replaced and recently I decided that the small one was stained, rubbed and saggy and that I should make a new one.Old cosyNow my cafetière Cosies have always been an excuse to try out a new crochet pattern and this time was no exception.

I had seen a pattern that I wanted to try and although I couldn’t remember where I had seen it I started working on it.First try Now I knew that the idea was to turn the chain strips into a plait but I just couldn’t remember how to do it.

I tried a search for crochet patterns using the word ‘plait’ but no luck.

I later discovered that ‘braid’ gave me something but in the end I discovered that this sort of pattern is described as ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. Now I know all about Jacob’s ladder – Genesis 28:12 – but quite why this has that name I am not sure.

Now I could make the plaits.Plaitbut I didn’t like the thin stripes so I decided to use trebles (US – dcs) instead of dcs (US – scs). I found a helpful hint that the chain strips should be twice the number of chains the stitch is equal to plus 1. So for a treble (US – dc) the number would be seven.

I think you can see that the above is just several (5) dcs followed by 5 ch, repeated.

Here is what I made for the cafetière.Just the cosyThe reason I chose three colours was because I had discovered when I started to teach my granddaughter crochet that if you use three colours you don’t have to break the yarn you can just thread it up the side. So less ends to sew in. Yay!

And here is it on the cafetière.Cosy on cafeteireAnd the side with the buttons.Cosy on cafeteire button sideThe buttons are just old used ones I had in my button jar.

So that is what I have been doing lately.

I have also made a few more cross bookmarks.More cross bookmarksand I must show you this cushion I bought from Ikea for lumber support.Ikea cushionIn time I may make it a crochet cover but I did think it was rather fun. It makes me want to embroider the birds like they are a transfer or colour them in like a colouring book.

12 thoughts on “A new Cafetière Cosy

  1. i love your cosies.. they are sooo cute.. and i agree that the birdie cushion cover is so pretty that it makes me wanna colour on it too.. that fabric is really beautiful.. 😀 where did u find it?


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