Making a snowflake cloth

Plan for rainbow snowflake spiral cloth as in photograph is at the bottom of the post.

Because there is a woman in my craft group whom I have been teaching how to make the snowflakes that I used for my spiral rainbow clothRainbow spiral clothas well as how to join the snowflakes together. I thought that I would put together a couple of tutorials. One on making the snowflake and another on joining two and then three snowflakes, just in case they would be of use to anyone else.

The woman in question wants to make a top for her daughter but the snowflakes could be used for anything really.

I joined them in a rainbow spiral but it is worth mentioning that the snowflakes look good when different coloured ones are next to each other.

For this three colours are both necessary and sufficient as in this diagram.3 colour hexagonsI have used the colours as I used for the tutorial, simply as they contrast well.

The original pattern is found in this post –

and the full tutorial – HERE

The tutorial for joining the snowflakes is HERE

I will eventually add these to the tutorials in the menu.

I originally gave a chart for how to join two snowflakes when using them for a bookmark.

Original snowflake bookmark joining chartThis can be enlarged if you click on it.

The stars in this chart represent replacing the central chain of the joining loops of the second showflake with a slip stitch into the adjoining loop of the first snowflake.

At the time it seemed the easiest way to show what needed to be done.

But now I have done some new charts.

[Please excuse the fact that as the charts get more complicated I have not always managed to have the slip stitch symbol as near the loop it is worked into as would be ideal.]

The first one shows joining two snowflakes together with slip stitches in the right places.Joining 2 snowflakes chartNote that you work the first four corners and join on the last two. You end with the four dcs. (US – scs) no slip stitch needed. Just sew in ends.

When you have a third snowflake to join this is the chart.Joining 3 snowflakes chartNotice the large blue spot in the centre. That represents a slip stitch worked by inserting the hook into the 7 chain loop of the second (red) snowflake and out of the 7 chain loop of the first (black) snowflake.

For the third snowflake you work three corners before starting the joined corners.If you continue joining snowflakes around the first snowflake you will find when you complete the circle that you have to join four corners. The second and third of these will involve slip stitching into two loops at once as in the chart above.Joining four corners chartThis time obviously, you only work two corners before having to think of joining.

As you can see from the charts, for every sequence of joining snowflakes the first and last loops are un-joined but every loop in between is joined.

I used DK weight (US – worsted weight) cotton and a 4mm hook but any suitable yarn and hook could be used.

If anyone finds any mistakes in the charts or tutorials or photographs please let me know as I know I made many mistakes along the way but think I have now corrected them.

Here is the plan I made for the rainbow spiral cloth.

Rainbow spiral cloth plan
This will enlarge if you click on it

For the edging I slip stiched into the loops at the points of the snowflakes and worked 3ch loops between adjacent loops and 5ch loops between corners.


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