Monochrome Madness entry fenceThis was my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness theme – ‘Fences’

I think I always knew that this would be my favourite choice of fence for this but a few weeks ago when I was down town shopping on a pleasant sunny day I suddenly decided I had better get ‘in training’ for taking photographs of fences.

I only had my phone camera with me but it takes reasonable pictures, especially for this sort of resolution, so I wandered into the parks. On this occasion – East Park.

This was the first rather modest fence I saw.Small metal fenceI moved further in.Round topped railingsThe area behind this fence is a crazy golf course.

Over the other side another sort of fence.Chain link fencingI know it is at an angle. Well how do you make a chain link fencing intersting!

Further up there is this fence round a quiet seating area.Fancy round fenceNow I had reached the exit or what to me is often the entrance if I am taking the ‘scenic route’ from home.Entrance fenceNear this was an old wooden paling fence.Wooden palingsI even consider using this for a moody monochrome shot.Wooden palings - moody monochromeI came back another day to photograph my favourite fence that is in Watts Park.
Final choice of fenceI took lots of photographs but this which was one of the first was the most suitable one.

Of course I couldn’t resist also taking a photograph of this.Snail on fenceLike with the gate on the Common.

11 thoughts on “Fences

  1. Really like your entry – I see why you chose it – gorgeous fence, and shadows. I like the monochrome rickety fence as well – the monochrome does make it look atmospheric, I imagine a deer having just jumped through it creating the fold.


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