Tywyn holidays

(I am posting this because Wild Daffodil. posted about her walk on Ynyslas Beach and I told her that nearby Tywyn was also a good base for a holiday.)

Just a little introduction to why I chose Tywyn for a holiday then photographs of different things we saw.) Tywyn beachFor my daughter’s tenth birthday I bought her a box set of five books. I bought them because they promised adventure and mentioned King Arthur. We were both great fans of King Arthur.

A number of years ago my daughter mentioned these books and how they were among her favourites and said that I ought to read them. So I did.

I borrowed them from the library at first and then bought my own copies and have re-read them a few times.

Susan Cooper booksI was so enraptured by the descriptions of the different places that occured in the books that I sugested to my daughter that she and the rest of her family might like to come to Tywyn with me for a week’s holiday.

The fourth and fifth books are set in the surrounding area and I had found a lovely house backing onto the promenade that could be booked for holidays.Tywyn promenadeWe went there in the Spring Bank Holiday 2009 half-term when my granddaughter was almost six.

I went back on my own the following year in September.

One of the places mention in the book is Bird Rock (in Welsh Craig yr Aderyn). The birds in question being cormorants. It is the only inland nesting site for cormorants in Europe.Bird rockand here is a view from the top.View from Bird rockAs you can see it was not a very good day for photographs. Also I was using my son’s Sony bridge camera in the days when he was trying to persuade me to move from film to digital.

The following year I walked all the way there from Tywyn. The coutryside was so beautiful.Countryside near TywynAnother place that occurs in the book is Carn March Arthur.This is an impression in a rock supposedly the imprint of the hoof of King Arthur’s horse.Carn march Arthur sign with LouisaHere is the stone in question.Carn march ArthurNearby there is an echo that also appears in the book. I found this when I returned the following year but it is not especially photogenic.

Near the echo is the Bearded Lake (Llyn Barfog in Welsh). Out of which King Arthur pulled the avanc in the legend.Bearded lakeThis a composite picture of the whole lake. (I think you can just see the join).

One of the reasons for going back in September the next year is that the lake is called bearded because of the water lilies that you can see then but not in the Spring.Bearded lake in AutumnA really beautiful spot (again mentioned in the book) is Tal-y-llyn. (The name of the lake.)Family at Tal-y-llynAs you can see we are all photographer’s.

While we were there we also decided to climb Cader Idris. In the event because of my grandaughter’s short legs slowing us down and threated thunderstorms that afternoon we only got about half-way throught the route but about two thirds of the way up.

Just before we climbed the last little bit to where we had lunch before we returned is Llyn Cau.Llyn CauAnd here is another picture again to show the whole lake. (The join is even more obvious this time I am afraid.)Llyn Cau composite pictureHere is the last steep climb with my granddaughter sitting patiently till we had finished taking photographsLouisa waitingand the view from the highest point we reached.Cader Idris lunchtime viewWe also went for a trip to the Dolgoch Falls on the Talyllyn Railway.Dolgoch stationAnd the engine.Dolgoch engineI found it impossible to do the falls justice in my photographs.Dolgoch falls They just go on and on.

There were some beautiful sunsets while we were there and though the photographs I took are not exceptional I here is a gallery of a few of them.

And a couple of the photographs I took on the beach the next year.
A bird on a rockBird on postand some seaweed.SeaweedMountains and sea close together what could be better!

15 thoughts on “Tywyn holidays

      1. That is SO thoughtful – thank you so much – I’m thrilled, and I must get there one day. It does look gorgeous, I’m delighted you have introduced me to another wonderful place to explore. I love blogland!!!


  1. I loved this – partly because we have been holidaying in the Tywyn area for more than a decade, and what originally took us there was my childhood love of Susan Cooper’s wonderful books!


  2. Lovely, lovely photos. I grew up on the North Wales coast. We had many many days out in the mountains and lakes of Snowdonia as children. Shockingly, I’ve never been this far down the coast but the scenery really resembles what I remember of our Sunday walks.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


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