I’ve been away!

I went to Aylesbury to visit my daughter and provide a little babysitting where needed. I say babysitting but my granddaughter is far from being a baby being almost twelve.

On the Friday morning while my daughter was at work and my granddaughter at school, I went for a walk.

They are fortunate enough to live on the edge of Aylesury and a couple of minutes walk brings you to fields. Though somewhere not so far away through these fields is the planned route of HS2 and if not that I was told there has been talk of more houses.

I didn’t take my camera with me because I just wanted to relax but I did take my phone so when I couldn’t resist the need to take some photographs I used that.

Having a decent camera I have never bothered much with the settings on the phone so this is very much just point and shoot.

The blackthorn was out in force along the hedgerowsBlackthornand I was surprised to find the branches covered in lichen.Blossom with lichenI also saw trees with lichen on the branches but the photograph I took doesn’t show it clearly.

The dandelions were out in force and though as a gardener I hate them, they are very bright and uplifting to the spirit.DandelionsThis photograph shows that they were not so welcome in my daughter’s garden.Dead dandelionsThe bridge across a stream that leads into the fields has a strange superstructure! not sure what they are trying to restrict.Exit from fieldsThe only slightly negative aspect to the area is the row of pylons that march along the grass between houses and fields.Pylons

My daughter finishes early on a Friday and in the afternoon we went out to Berkhamsted castle. It is a Norman motte-and-bailey castle dating from the 11th – 13th centuries. Entry is free and it is really only a few ruins.

I took a few photographs, with my camera this time, but this is the most interesting view.MotteThe nearby cottage was much more picturesque.Berkhamsted  cottage

Of course I indulged in a little crochetMy Crochetand my grandaughter was delighted to get a little help with hers.

This is an almost rainbow bookmark she made. (I sewed in the ends and finished it off with the edging.)BookmarkThis is all really ‘practice’ and she isn’t worrying too much if the stitch count varies a bit. She is getting more confident and more even.

Here is her other project a ‘blanket’ for a ‘rainbow baby’ I made her.Other crochet projectIt’s a shame that I don’t live nearer. I am sure she would progress much more quickly if I were.


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    1. I did wonder if it was for bikes or even motor bikes! I am sure people can take good photos with a phone though the photographs on my previous phone looked awful when looked at full screen. It is just that with my camera I carefully consider aperture and speed and with my phone I just press the button and hope. There are all sorts of icons I can choose but I have never worked out what they do.


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