Pineapples everywhere!

I am aware that these photographs were taken and processed rather quickly as I am a bit short for time.

Patricia over at Daniella Joe’s blog was interested in pineapple patterns so I thought I would share the ones I have. They were obviously very popular in the past.

These are from two books that were my mother’s.

The smaller book is called “Modern Crochet”."Modern crochet"Price is two shillings and sixpence for youngsters. Also called a “half crown” – eight to the pound!

The main pineapple motif offered was this:"Modern crochet"- basic patternsWith another one for a bedcover."Modern crochet"-bedcover patternBut the best book is this:Best Pineapple crochet bookEven cheaper! only one shilling. Probably older.

This has lots and lots of motifs. This for a runnerRunnerbut with a dressing table version as well.Dressing table matsA similar motif that could be used on it’s ownSimple motifor to make a centrepiece.Centrepiece

A motif to be used for either a bedcover (left) ot tablecloth (right)Bedcover or tablecloth motifsand another similar one for the same two purposes.More bedcover or tablecloth motifsAnd one just for a tablecloth.Tablecloth motifFinally, some table mats: thisTable matsand this.Fancier table matThe first of these last two designs was used by my mother for a cloth on the dining table on which sat the wooden fruit bowl.

A bit worse for wear now. I think she may have intended to make another before she died. It is made in #40 crochet cotton.Mat my mother madeI had originally intended to make this for my table till I decided a larger one would be better.


17 thoughts on “Pineapples everywhere!

  1. Wow, I can still remember many of these designs. πŸ™‚ Hehe, that is showing my age.
    And I still have a few of the monthly magazines (from many years back) that has these patterns.
    Indeed, they were very popular.


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