My latest Rainbow project

This is a very special project that has been on my mind since the early days of my blog.

Once I was comfortable with crochet, I knew that I wanted to make something to go on my dining table. The early thoughts were actually fairly monochrome but one day I saw this rug – – and I was inspired.

What could be better than something made up of hexagons that was also a spiral!

(I really like multiple spirals – Bedcoverviz. my bedcover my mother made for me.)

One thing that has always fascinated me is the fact that the rainbow that is essentially linear – longer to shorter wavelengths – is paralleled by the colour CIRCLE which goes round and round!

Here was a chance to use that since hexagons meant a six colour spiral and I have always considered the indigo to be a bit redundant.

And if the hexagon motifs were actually snowflakes! what could be better.

When I shared my new snowflake motif and my Snowflake bookmark pattern in January 2014 what I was planning was this cloth but I didn’t want to share the whole idea yet as I didn’t know when I would fit it in.

I had mentioned it earlier here –

The size was largely determined by how many motifs I could get out of one ball of yarn.New yarnThis is the yarn I bought last October. Including one ball each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet and two balls of dark blue for the edge. I was going to make the central motif in white but I had that already.

I didn’t find time to start it till this February and it might have been finished before Easter if I hadn’t got distracted by other things!

A first I had terrible second thoughts as to whether it was going to look any good but by the time I had spent a week on it and it looked like this.After 1 weekI felt reassured.

Because I can and because I am so happy I will show you various stages in it’s developement.

The coloured spirals complete.Spirals completedThe dark blue (indigo!) edging added.Blue edge addedFinished off with a white chain edging.

Final rainbow spiral clothI wasn’t sure which way to put it on the table.Cloth parallel to sidesorCloth across tableNow recently the cloth I have had on the table has been this:Childhood tea clothwhich was the teatime cloth my mother made that was used when I was a child. (Just a bit of nostalgia!)

Aren’t the rabbits cute?Embroidered bunniesBefore that I was using this.Mother's crochet clothAlso made by my mother.

Which is now replaced by this.Rainbow spiral cloth

Everyone in my Friday craft group seem to just love this and there is a women in the craft group who wants to make a bolero for her daughter using these motifs (though all in the same colour). So in due course I was intending to supplement the bookmark pattern with further instructions on joining the motifs in case anyone else would also like to use them.

Some statistics:-

Yarn was Rico Essentials Cotton (DK) 50g balls. One each of: Red (02), Pumpkin (87), Banana (63), Grass-Green (66), Turquoise (33) and Purple (18) and two of Cobalt Blue (32), with small amount of white.

Size 4mm crochet hook.

21 motifs for each coloured spiral. 42 motifs for edge. Total of 169 including one white central one.

Finished size from side to side is about 30 inches (75cm) and 35 inches (87cm) corner to corner.

Time taken in the region of 50-60 hours including sewing in the ends. (Spread over about six weeks).

28 thoughts on “My latest Rainbow project

  1. Stunning !!! [I think I may be one of the people who has pinned some of your work on Pinterest – full credit is always given to the source (in this case, you) but I’ll remove the pins if you don’t want them there. I have a board calle Rainbow Colours, and another one called Colour Me Happy. Say no more].


    1. If you mean you might consider making one like mine. It isn’t very difficult. Only three rows to a motif, join as you go with slip stitches. Only bit at all tricky is getting hook in chains to slip stitch together at end of rows or last dc.


        1. Well all the ‘join as you go’es that I have done up to now have been a matter on the last round of at some points replacing a chain with a slip stitch into a gap on an adjoining motif. Bit fiddly at first but I like it so much more than sewing.

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