A few flowers

I am trying to make my garden more ‘easy care’ as I feel myself getting older and that has meant getting rid of a lot of plants and have not yet decided on the new planting. So going out into the garden, it seems rather bare but I looked around for a few things to photograph.

The tulips in the pot stand out.Red tulipsA lovely star shape when open.Red tulipMy camera does macro so lets look closer.Centre of tulipThe leucojum have been out for a while. I think they are wanting to take over: a sort or large snowdrop.LeucojumNow I have removed the Lavatera, on the grounds of too much pruning being needed, my scilla siberica can be seen,Scilla sibericasuch dainty flowers.Scilla siberica closerI had to get rid of the japonica some years ago when it got infested by some sort of web creating insect. But it has come back.JaponicaAnd of course they are very small and hardly noticed at first but there are the forget-me nots.Forget-me-notsLater I went down town to the city parks, ostensibly to photograph my favourite fence for the next theme week for Monochrome Madness – great collection this week – do go and look! but it was such a lovely day I decided I could go and photograph the dainty Magnolia stellata.Magnolia stellataThey have interesting centres too.Magnolia stellata centreThere is a rockery garden in the nearby park so I went to have a look.

NarcissaeNarcissaeand primroses.PrimrosesThis white flower that I didn’t recognise but looked like a graceful dancer.White flowerand blue anemones.Blue anemonesuch dainty stamens.Blue anemone stamensNature is so beautiful and especially at this time of year.




13 thoughts on “A few flowers

  1. Goodness Spring is so much further on with you. Here we have daffodils and more daffodils. Tulips nowhere near out despite this weeks wonderful sunshine. Lovely photos.


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