Working to a Theme

As you probably know, I have been joining in with Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness and this week we had a ‘theme’ which was ‘MM’.

A natural choice perhaps but at first I felt really stumped. Had a few crazy ideas that might have worked if I had a car or lots of time then saw an old Mother’s day card from my son and came up with this.

0338-startThe final monochrome version.0338-MMHad a bright idea and refined it to this!

0338-MM2I then decided that maybe I should do something really obvious, and maybe less forced, and bought a packet of “M&M’s”.

At one point I tried photographing the packet.

0338-rejectBut decided that was too easy.

So went with this.

0338-chosenI did think about arranging them so only two of them showed the ‘m’ side but that was awfully tricky so this had to do!

Our next theme in a few weeks time will be fences. Should be easier I think.

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