Cross Bookmarks – two new edgings

My two new cross edges

When I originally made my cross bookmarks I never realised that the pattern would be so popular. I just wanted something to give my friends.

( The pattern page has been accessed over 16,700 times in the last two years since I created it!)

Having made the body of the cross I knew that it needed an edging to finish it off and I thought picots but as I wasn’t any good at picots (I am a bit better now) I decided to use the picot equivalent I had found in the pattern for a fan bookmark.

I never thought further than that. However having published my pattern on Ravelry I found that a few other people had projects using my pattern and as it makes me happy to think that my patterns are useful to other people, I went and looked at what they had made.

One lady who calls herself ‘Applie’ had chosen to create a different edging for her cross which opened my eyes to the possibility of different edgings.

Her edging was very pretty and ornate and I thought it might appeal to some people so I created the first of my new edgings to imitate the style of hers.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Her blog ( is mainly about home schooling but she has quite a number of yummy recipes on there as well.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I then decided that I would create a simpler edging but one that still used the idea of points rather than picots.

With Easter coming up I have been making a few more book marks using these edgings to replenish the stock at my church.

I made one all in the same yarn as Applie had done and two like Applie’s but with contrasting edgings

Crosses with my first new edgeand two with my second edging in contrasting colours.

Crosses with my second new edge I have created charts for these new edgings and I will show you them below and add them to the page with my Cross Bookmark patterns.

For the first new edging.

Edge no. 1 chart
If you click on the picture it will enlarge to full screen

and the alternative.

Edge no. 2 chart
If you click on the picture it will enlarge to full screen

I am inclined to think that these new edgings give a more professional look to the cross bookmarks. What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Cross Bookmarks – two new edgings

  1. My favourite is the alternative edging, very pretty. Not at all surprised at how many views they get. I once ran a church visitor centre, and I know what was popular. Have you thought to do a fish bookmark. Fish are popular symbols too


  2. I love the edging detail. It really sets the crosses off. I’m sure this pattern will become even more popular than the last!
    Love the new blog look. How long has it been like this?
    One more thing. Do you use a crochet software package to draw your crochet diagrams or is it free hand?


    1. I chose a new theme when I published my post for 9th February. (I know because Yarnchick said she loved it.) That encouraged me to keep it.
      I have been asked about how I create my crochet charts before. The answer is that these days it is neither freehand nor a crochet software package as such. I have a photo & drawing package called ‘Corel Draw’. But I expect any package could be used (even the drawing in Word though not as easily.) I create the basic shapes for the individual stitches then copy and paste, rotate, group then more copying and pasting…………….and arrange to create the final chart. It takes a bit of time but is better than my drawing.


      1. Great, thanks for that. I’ll keep it in mind.
        I think I must have missed your changing blog look as it doesn’t come up on my tablet. Either that or I’ve just been concentrating on the content!


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