Well I suppose it’s no surprise really!

Friday morning over a week ago I was happily working on my rainbow cotton project and all my ‘Crafty Coffee’ friends were saying how much they like it. I was thinking that if I kept going at that rate I could maybe finish it in another three or four weeks. Now I had two other projects: my waistcoat where I wasn’t sure if I liked the way the neckline had worked out and whether I should undo it and my second sock with the new style heel which was pretty much on the back burner but hey three projects is plenty.


But by Saturday evening, because of things I had thought and seen, I had two more crochet bookmarks ready to be stiffened, had worked up a pattern for a celtic knot bookmark and started on a trial of a method for making two socks at once!


And by Sunday evening, I had got round the heel for the socks, made a trial of the celtic knot pattern in DK yarn and started one in #10 cotton.

I can see that this will not be my favourite bookmark though since it requires working into the back of such a long chain – twice!


I started this post a week ago but since then I have completed a celtic knot bookmark in #10 cotton

0333-celticknotbookmarkand the trial two at once socks suitably truncated for speed.

0333-twoshortsocksNeither of these was a hard as I imagined they would be to complete though equally neither are up to my normal ‘perfect’ standard. I will be writing more about bookmarks and these socks in future weeks.

How are you getting on with your projects? Do you get distracted too?

10 thoughts on “Well I suppose it’s no surprise really!

  1. So many projects, where to begin! It’s so hard to work one project beginning to end without getting distracted. I have so many things going through my head. I write notes on new projects while I working on something else, start new things in the middle of a project, well, you get it. Some people would never be able to work the way we do, but in the end, the things that I want to sell, give away, and keep for myself do get completed. There are a few abandoned and almost-completed projects around. I’ll finish them eventually, or rip the out and try something new.


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