Two in One socks – have you ever tried this?

For all of you that like me enjoy knitting socks. Thought this was a great idea and a Giveaway too!

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If you are a sock knitter like I am then you probably have played around with different techniques such as top down, toe up, magic loop, 2 circulars etc and maybe you have also tried the 2 in 1. It’s been a while since I discovered this technique and found a pattern on Ravelry but I had yet to try it out myself. My problem is that I don’t like to do swatches, I just want to dive in and knit immediately and this seemed to be the sort of thing where a swatch or a test sock is IMPERATIF. And now that I have done the test myself I absolutely recommend that you first knit the training sock BEFORE actually knitting a real pair. The pattern I used was The War & Peace Socks: Two Socks in One by Kate Atherley and this pattern is available for free from…

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4 thoughts on “Two in One socks – have you ever tried this?

  1. Thank you for sharing:) and for those reading, this really is a fun technique. It may sound daunting at first – it did to me and that’s why I put off actually knitting one for quite some time- but once you’ve done the little test sock you’ll realize that it is actually quite simple. So I hope you’ll join the fun.

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