Since Christmas I seem to have had less time for both crafting and my blog but during that time I have noticed the number of my followers gradually creeping up. So a big welcome to all the new people following me. As you can see I like to post on a wide array of topics, though kniting and crochet are the main focus.

I also notice that I now have more than 400 followers. Wow! I know when I was new to blogging and found a blog celebrating 400 followers that I was sure I would never have that many.

Maybe it is time for another Giveaway – I will give it some thought.

I am still working on the second stock with the new style heel and my waistcoat but, in the way of crafters everywhere, I have just started a new crochet project.

It is going to use these yarns that I bought some time ago and have been itching to start.

Rainbow yarnIt will take a few weeks to complete and I want to leave it as a surprise at the end so that is all I have to show for now.


14 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Dear Rainbow Junkie, Really enjoy seeing what you are knitting / crocheting. Could you remind me which Rico yarn this is, please, in the lovely rainbow shades? Thank you.
    I’m looking at the blog with my iPad, but the view seems to have changed in that there is no sidebar. I can’t see the Blogs you read, for example, at the side.
    Best wishes, Sheena


    1. It’s Rico Essentials cotton DK. My favourite cotton yarn as it has lovely bright colours.

      I don’t know about iPads. I know phones can have different views. The side bar is showing on the screen of my desktop computer if that helps so it is still there.


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