The reveal!

Here is my nice new – Tea cosy.

New tea cosySandy Crump-Dawson did suggest a tea cosy as one of two guesses, other people suggested things that were plausible like a purse or hot water bottle cover.

I came across the pattern when I saw someone at my Friday craft group making one. She gave me a link to the pattern – . The instructions contain a picture of a rainbow inspired cosy but with the colours going the other way. That of course decided me. I had to make one, and soon!

I don’t normally use a teapot when making tea just for me but in the summer I like to sit in the sun and be really elegant with a teapot and one of my Portmeirion tea cups.

Tea tray

I liked this Bodum teapot as it has a plunger to isolate the tea leaves when the tea has brewed so the tea doesn’t stew.

Bodum teapot

I already had a cover for my teapot that I had made some time ago as a sampler of a slip stitch knitting pattern but it is very thin and now and a bit stained. This one will be so much better at keeping the tea hot on my lazy summer afternoons.

Old tea cosyAs you can see the tea pot doesn’t really have a spout. So after a bit of thought I decided to make the tea cosy without a hole for the spout and so I will lift it up to pour the tea.

SpoutI also decided that the smaller piece could be worked up into a cosy for my other teapot when I have time. This one is part of a steel tea set and I use it for guests.

Steel teapot



24 thoughts on “The reveal!

  1. Well, I’m glad I got the correct answer. LOL! It is so beautiful. My husband now wants me to make one!! Maybe!! How long did it take to make?


    1. I am afraid that I am not expecially enamoured of Pinterest even though it seems to direct a lot of people to my site as I have no control over what people take and how they use it. One thing really annoys me which is that I published a chart with a mistake in it in error and though I have corrected it on my site out there on pinterest people are still using the incorrect one.


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