A New sort of Heel

Latest sockWhen I finished my last pair of socks I said that I had found a new way to knit short row heels and that I would report on it in due course.

Well I have now all but finished the first of another pair of socks in the same yarn. I am going to delay casting off as I think I can make the socks to match fairly closely but will use almost all the remaining yarn so I want to give myself the chance to easily modify the first sock if I am wrong and run out of yarn.

The wraps for this method are different to the way I have done them previously.

They are done at the beginning of the row and the yarn goes over the top of the stitch and needle as in this picture.

Wrapped stitches

I found the pattern on the Schachenmayr web site (They make Regia sock wool) and the link for the pattern is here:- http://us.schachenmayr.com/files/patterns/Sock%20Guide%20US-4-ply-final.pdf. The heel instructions are on the second page.

I found it hard to envisage the way the wraps and rows went so I drew myself a chart which proved to be accurate. So for those of you who like such things I include it here.

Heel chart

My Conclusions

As I suspected the heel looks less smooth than my previous method and I did have difficulty knitting the wrapped stitches but I think that was unfamiliarity, and that next time I will find them easier than the double wrapped stitches of my normal method, especially as there is only one wrap to deal with.

Heels compared
New heel on the left

Closer view

Previous style heel

Old style heel

Latest heel

New style heel

The holes along the side of the heel are bigger but that may just be that I did not pull the yarn hard enough. You don’t seem to see holes on the picture with the pattern.

The problem with correcting a biggish hole when you return to knitting in the round is eliminated. (As I think you can see.) Though I did have a bit of trouble one side as I dropped a stitch or two and had to pick them up. 😦 (So I won’t show you that side.)

You do get two rows of the same colour as the middle of the heel included in the front of the sock, so it wouldn’t be a good method if you were making the heel in a contrasting colour.

Heel front
They are the two white and purple rows in this picture. With this type of yarn it looks fine.

They are the two white and purple rows in this picture. With this type of yarn it looks fine.

I am not sure if this heel will become my method of choice but it has given me an idea of how I could amend my normal method to eliminate the problem holes in a different way. If I can get this to work I will report on it in due course. But I think that I have been spending too much time on knitting lately and, although I will finish the waistcoat, it is also time that I got back to some crochet.

But before I leave I will share a couple of photographs.

We don’t get snow very often in Southampton but when I woke up this morning it had snowed overnight so I grabbed my camera and took a couple of photographs through the window.

Snow today in colour

And one in black and white.

Snow today in black and white

By the end of the morning it had all gone.


14 thoughts on “A New sort of Heel

  1. Lovely socks. I don’t understand this heel business never having attempted socks. But I now have a pattern and later in the year will have a bash at some! We had snow last night, just a centimetre and it is still here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t like snow when it goes on and on but it would have been nice if it had stayed a bit longer here. I had plans for some more photographs. I am getting a bit obsessive about making socks but I bet your sock pattern is top down and has a different style of heel!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love these socks 🙂 So pretty, and you make me want to give 2 sticks another try. Maybe I should just breakdown and give it a shot with a knitting loom ~ perhaps I can stick with it that way. Cheers!


  3. I’m also not very clued up on all this heel business, and I know I will never knit socks, but I enjoy seeing your endeavours. I also know I will not see snow when I look out of MY window tomorrow morning. 🙂


      1. I think everything gets easier and quicker the more one does it. I enjoy knitting but not the tricky stuff (heels and socks and cables etc) and am a very slow knitter, too. If I had to knit things to sell, I’d be on the streets in a short while !!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice pics of the snow 🙂 Around here, we’ve been waking up to the white stuff every day since November! And thanks for the link to yet another short row technique. I’ve been searching SO long for the perfect method and will give this one a try, too 🙂 ♥ ❤


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